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Mummies, self-tied people, and ropes!

20151115_172139The Mummification and Risk Reducing Self-Bondage workshops and the Bondage Practice Group!

First was the mummification, where Vanessa not only showed methods of mummifying someone, but also the safety and as well things you can do when someone is mummified. Whether it’s food wrap or pallet wrap, or even vet wrap, mummification is hot! (And in other ways of the word, as those mummified found out!)

With the risk-reducing self-bondage, Vanessa covered a lot of things to help reduce the risk for those who practice self-bondage. Also covered were techniques, release methods, and how to also make it more… “tormenting” for the person doing it to themselves. While Read the rest of this entry

Common Poly Newbie Mistakes

Our Poly afternoon was off to a good start with a few of new students asking thoughtful queries surrounding the lifestyle. The group that followed, was well attended but regular participants. As a whole, we were asked to help initiates by considering the questions.” What pitfalls could a newly polyamorous person avoid, if we could advise them ahead of time.” We all make the same common mistakes and just reminding ourselves of the simple things is always in our best interest. A relationship is just that, between two people and needs to be nurtures on it’s own merit. A small group also met afterward to discuss it further. At it’s heart, our mission of informing our family and friends when ever possible makes Poly more main stream and helps us all.   Read the rest of this entry

Gender identity & sexual orientation in the Bi group / l’identité de genre et l’orientation sexuelle

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The participants introduce themselves with a quick presentation and we went straight at defining labels and expressions around gender identity and sexual orientation by sharing our perception about them since some participants requested clarifications. We then decided to discuss a specific topic about dealing with the unobtainable, by example encounters with a person of the same sex while being in an heterosexual monogamous relationship. Several ideas were discussed, kind of like a brainstorm, and Read the rest of this entry


English version follows

 Une seule personne s’est présenté à la rencontre du groupe Passion & Handicap. Le sujet de la discussion a été facile à déterminer.

On a discuté du manque d’intérêt pour le groupe Passion & Handicap.

– De toute évidence, le groupe, dans sa forme actuelle, ne répond pas aux besoins des personnes handicapés, en rapport à l’expression de leur sexualité.

– Pourtant, plusieurs se plaignent de la discrimination systémique de la société à ce sujet. Read the rest of this entry

Alternative, and more

alccFrançais ci-dessous

On November 1st, we had the Alternative Lifestyles workshop, Disability group, and the Gender Empowerment group.

In the alternative lifestyles workshop, Vanessa covered not just alt lifestyles but as well marginalized identities and orientations. In it, polyamory, swingers, nudists, BDSM, asexual, bisexual, and trans among more were covered. Don’t forget! This is the workshop you need to attend to become a member! Read the rest of this entry

Doc10KFrançais ci-dessous

We are saying good-bye and well wishes to Darthe Daniel as the co-leader for the BDSM Group. If you are interested in leading this group every other month, please contact us by email at info@thealcc.org. This is a co-lead group with Contessa Alura leading opposite months. She is looking for a highly motivated person with creativity and reliability to help build a thriving and interesting group!

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the film screening. We didn’t have enough time to see all three films but we managed to watch Emilie Sarah and Carl Simard’s “Fetish.” Read the rest of this entry

Bondage, Brats, and More Bondage! / Ligotage, Brat et encore du ligotage

20151018_172853Français ci-dessous

On Sunday the 18th of October, the ALCC held 2 workshops and a group. First up was Intermediate Bondage with Vanessa, then Brats 101 with Mangue, then the Bondage Practice group. A “Triple B Day”! lol!

In the Intermediate Bondage, people were refreshed on safety and risk reduction while doing bondage, then they started with hands on learning. From ways to bind limbs to objects singly, with two variations on the tie – one for laying down and one for standing. Next was ways to bind limbs together, some harness variations and styles, then ways to perform hogties and strapado tie. Read the rest of this entry

I think I’m bi.. now what? / Je pense que je suis bi…alors quoi.?

bisexualityFrançais ci-dessous

The bisexuals group on Oct, 11th was a great success. A number of new faces attended to discuss the subject, “I think I’m bi.. now what.?”. Mostly the participants shared stories about the moments in their lives when they came to the self realization that they may be bisexual. In addition, those present went on to explain how they went about confirming their sexuality. It was great to see many people sharing what was for some difficult moments in their lives. Read the rest of this entry

What are the challenges of being Polyamorous? / Quels sont les défis d’être polyamoureux?

polyamory_by_jymaru-d4r38hj.pngFrançais ci-dessous

The audience, both seasoned and first timers quickly offered suggestions as the instructor acknowledged and gave merit to each point. The interactive discussion covered as many scenarios as there were attendees. There are as many methods of Poly as there are individual relationships. The captivating class came to a close as an experienced guest gave her story of living and managing of a Polyamorous lifestyle. The Poly group soon followed. Real life problems were put forth to all those willing to offer suggestions and many practical tactics explored respectfully. Read the rest of this entry