Dark Poetry Night / Soirée de poésie noire

[La version française est plus bas.]

A truly fabulous evening with really beautiful poetry. I was so impressed with the personal writing of those of you who shared.

Some of the readings were: “My Sweet Old Etcetera” by Edward Estlin Cummings, “Telltale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe, “Fox” by Moonchild Kitty, “Chess” by Allan, and many others.

We had a really diverse group this time with some very new people, a new friend simply in town on business from Sweden, a spontaneous person who dropped in and discovered us, some lovely new faces in the community and a few of us “old bees”.

Of course I dressed up because I just love an excuse to do so. I had my dark veil and Gothic dress to accent the darkness of our poetry night. We had red candles glowing all over the room to add the right ambiance!

Thank you all for joining us and for sharing your poems and thoughts with us!


Une soirée vraiment fabuleuse avec de la très belle poésie. J’ai été très impressionnée par les écrits personnels de ceux qui ont partagé avec nous.

Parmi les lectures se trouvaient “My Sweet Old Etcetera” d’Edward Estlin Cummings, “Telltale Heart” d’Edgar Allen Poe, “Fox”, de Moonchild Kitty, “Chess” de Allan et plusieurs autres.

Nous avions un groupe vraiment diversifié cette fois, incluant de nouvelles personnes, un nouvel ami simplement en ville pour affaires de la Suède, une personne spontanée qui est simplement arrivée et nous a découverts, de nouveaux visages de la communauté et quelques-uns des ancients.

Naturellement, je m’étais mise sur mon trente et un parce que je trouve toujours un prétexte pour le faire. Je portais un voile foncé et une robe gothique pour accentuer la noirceur de notre soirée de poésie et nous avions allumé des chandelles rouges partout dans la pièce pour ajouter à l’ambiance.

Merci à tous de votre présence et d’avoir partagé vos poèmes et vos pensées avec nous!

Contessa Alura,
Executive Board

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  1. moonchildkitty

    Dark Poetry Night was just amazing! And I agree we need to have a section or a web site about the works shared. It will be interesting to see various written works. Maybe some short stories could be added as well??

  2. I just wanted to let you know I had a great time at the Dark Poetry Nights, looking forward to the next one.

    I will try to bring BlueEyedEve, just for fun 🙂

    • Really enjoyed hearing the poems that were read along with the extra info concerning the writer or reader and the situations that led up to writing and reading those poems.

      Thank you for sharing.

      K Karl,
      Executive Board

  3. Thanks for the “Dark Poetry Night”.

    I’m usually not very interested in (dark) poetry but when people read their own lines they wrote in special moments – that was something.

    Hearing “The Highwayman” from a poetry expert and “Telltale Heart” from a redhaired Lady who seemed to have a (mad) smile on her face when she read the lines she knew so well … that was experience I’m truly glad at.

    Would I attend again? You bet!

  4. I googled “Telltale Heart” from Edgar Allan Poe and as far as I remember it from the poetry night is a bit different from the version that Contessa Alura read.

    Can that be?

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