Fabulous Wax Play Workshop / Fantastique atelier de jeux de cire

[La version française est plus bas.]

Things just keep getting better and better!

Fabulous attendance for my wax play workshop. I was not expecting some of you because they DIDN’T RSVP, but I’m so very happy about the number of people that showed up.

Thank you to Kinky Karl who was my delicious demonstration assistant. He was certainly not covered in as much wax as he has been before, but he was very helpful and charming the whole way through. I really appreciated that he offered his perspective and answered questions asked from his point of view, because it made for a more complete understanding of wax play.

I happy to have received a lot positive feedback about the workshop and while unfortunately, we started late, we got under way quite well and things ran very smoothly to the end.

There were some great questions from the attendees and I felt that people were genuinely excited and impressed with the workshop. Everyone participated in the hands-on component and seemed to really enjoy the experience.

I appreciate feedback of all kinds so if you attended, please do take the time to comment or contact me to share your thoughts.


Et ça va de mieux en mieux!

Toute une participation pour mon atelier de jeux de cire.  Je ne m’y attendais pas puisque plusieurs d’entre vous N’AVEZ PAS RSVP mais je suis tellement contente qu’autant de monde ait participé.

Merci à Kinky Karl, mon délicieux assistant pour la démonstration. Il n’a peut-être pas été aussi couvert de cire qu’il l’a déjà été, mais il a été très utile et charmant pendant toute la session.

J’ai beaucoup apprécié la façon dont il a offert sa perspective et répondu aux questions de son point de vue à lui, puisque ça a donné une compréhension plus complète des jeux de cire.

Je suis contente d’avoir reçu beaucoup de commentaires positifs sur l’atelier et même si, malheureusement, nous avons commencé en retard, nous nous sommes bien repris et le tout s’est bien déroulé jusqu’à la fin.

Les participants ont posé d’excellentes questions et j’ai senti que les gens étaient vraiment impressionnés et enthousiastes pour cet atelier. Tout le monde a participé dans la portion pratique et a eu l’air d’apprécier l’expérience.

J’apprécie les commentaires de toutes sortes alors si vous avez participé, merci de prendre le temps de commenter ou de me contacter pour me faire part de votre opinion.

Contessa Alura,
Conseil d’administration

Traduit par:

Miss Natasha,
Anglais au Français Traductrice

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  1. The workshop was very informative and fun to attend. Two hours were over so quickly.

    I’ve experienced wax play two times before but these times were only brief parts of a bondage/spanking play. Back then I didn’t like it. The hot wax felt simply uncomfortable. I wanted it to stop. It was stingy and hurt. The best I could do was to endure it without complaining too much.

    Tonight the dripping wax felt very different. It was more like it was caressing my skin. It seemed to play with my skin and the nerves in it. I felt the drop, a second later it was stingy and two, three seconds later the feeling turned into a slowly fading area of heat that felt really comfortable.

    In a quiet atmosphere, done a by a Lady who knows what she’s doing … yummy!

    I suddenly like wax play. That could be a wonderful thing on a rainy afternoon 🙂

  2. moonchildkitty

    Was an enjoyable evening. Thank you so much for hosting Contessa Alura.

  3. My absolute PLEASURE! What great comments!!!

    Thank you!

    Contessa Alura,
    Executive Board

  4. moonchildkitty

    I found it very informative and wish to thank you for having it. I enjoyed being able to start getting over past bad experiences in a safe environment where at least I knew it could be done at a pace I was comfortable with. Thank you so much for the great space at the ALCC! I would do a more in depth comment but my brain is slightly scattered at the moment due to something going on with my family.

  5. Today I went to the dollar store and bought a package of five white “all purpose” candles.

    Not that I don’t have a sufficient amount of IKEA candles at home – it’s just that I hope the dollar store candles will bring back some memories from Montreal 🙂

    • You can always come back to Montreal and find me for a little wax adventure lol.

      Who knows, maybe there’s a wax museum in your future.

      Now that’s a great topic for a discussion group. “Are wax museums responsible for wax fetishes and sadistic tendencies?”

      It’s a long shot but you never know LOL! (JK)


      • > You can always come back to Montreal and
        > find me for a little wax adventure lol.


        > Who knows, maybe there’s a wax museum in your future.
        > Now that’s a great topic for a discussion group.
        > “Are wax museums responsible for wax fetishes and sadistic tendencies?”
        > It’s a long shot but you never know LOL! (JK)

        Naa – wax museums as a reason for wax play? I don’t think so.

        Maybe “wax fetish” is taking it a bit far already.

        Sadistic tendencies? Optional

        Playful mind? Required!

        Lovely woman, dimmed light, quite atmosphere, time to relax? Yes, yes, yes …

  6. I also enjoyed the wax play workshop. I had experienced it once on a very limited base. It’s interesting to know more of the possibilities. Thank You Contessa Alura and Kinky-K for the nice demonstration. Also thank You Contessa for let us try a bit how it feels. I always have been scared of wax play because of possible burns. But now I am willing to try again with the right person. I had actually voluntered to Contessa Alura in case Kinky K would not have been available but since I’m kind of hairy, it might not have been easy LOL.
    Anyway thanks for the workshop it was very informative


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