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Humiliation as Aphrodisiac? / L’Humiliation un aphrodisiaque? – July 4

[La version française est ci-dessous]

Thank you to everyone who attended. I am very pleased that my workshop has created an interest in exploring the subject of humiliation as a positive sexual excitement.

As presenter, I invited the audience to explore this question of humiliation as an aphrodisiac. After reviewing a few definitions and technical points, I led a fruitful discussion.

I explored some Internet material, notably an essay “Burning with Shame,” by submissive “severene.” She asks, “How is it possible to derive pleasure from unpleasure? Later in her essay she offers a satisfying response: “D/s humiliation puts the fun, danger, and dark eroticism back into something that is becoming much too clean and tidy – sexuality.”

To conclude, I offered a dozen photographs accompanied by leading rhetorical questions urging the attendees to reflect on their personal response to various situations involving erotic humiliating experience. I was very pleased with their responses and participation.

The workshop will be offered once more on Wednesday, July 14 7:00, to 8:00 P.M.

Thank you to the ALCC for allowing me the opportunity to offer this workshop.

Clov Saffron,
Workshop Instructor