This is not King Tut’s mummy / Ce n’est pas la momie de Toutankhamon – Jul 28

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The workshop went very well. A nice Group of people and lots of participation.

Thanks to Moonchild Kitty for being such a wonderful sidekick and  demonstration model.

Though I’ve done this very same workshop a number of times before, I learned a few things, both the preparation for it and through the attendees. I have finally exhausted almost all my PVC tape that I often use for wrapping or mummifying so for the first time I had to go out to get more. I found what I was looking for at Boutique Seduction, but I discovered the tape that is on the market, and what I get are uncomparable.

Unfortunately i can’t get mine anymore, because the online store has stopped selling, but stay posted for an update about this because I intend to find it.

Anyway, the market tape is terrible for versatility and only serves one purpose, “very tight”. It also doesn’t stick well to itself and is a real pain to wrap with. Not to mention, there’s not much on a roll, it’s not very wide so you need a lot to cover a whole person, and at 10-15$ a roll they’re raping us.

Oh well, needless to say, I will not be buying more of it and I’m not a supporter of this product. If all else fails I guess there’s still good old plastic wrap!

There was one attendee who mentioned wrapping over clothes, which I had not really thought to do, since there is much less feeling transferred from the wrap to the body and it is nearly impossible to keep tight. However if you like the feel of clothes, and you wear something you don’t mind getting rid of afterwards, it is ok for duct-taping. Keep in mind the glue destroys everything, so don’t use it on anything you intend to keep.

Thanks to everyone for attending and offering your input and experience.

– Contessa Alura


Tout s’est déroulé très bien. Nous étions un groupe très sympathique et il y a eu beaucoup de participation active. Nous remercions MoonChild Kitty d’avoir servi de mannequin, modèle, victime!

Malgré le fait que j’ai donné cet atelier à plusieures reprises, j’ai quand-même appris beaucoup de choses.

Je n’ai plus de ruban CPV dont je me servais auparavant pour la momification. C’est la première fois, depuis longtemps que je suis obligée d’en acheter davantage. Le ruban que j’ai trouvé à la Boutique Séduction,  m’a deçu. Il y une grande différence entre le ruban dont je me sers habituellement et ce que l’on trouve sur le marché présentement. Malheuereusement la boutique internet où je faisiais mes achats est fermée. Mais je suis fermement decidée de retrouver mon ancien ruban CPV. Je vous en donnerai des nouvelles!

Le ruban que l’on trouve présentement sur le marché est beaucoup trop résistant et très peu flexible. En plus, il n’est pas du tout collant ce qui rend l’emballage difficile. Il n’est pas très large, alors on est obligé d’utiliser plusieures rouleaux pour momifier une personne entièrement. Cela peut coûter assez cher. Chaque rouleau peut coûter de 10 à 15 dollars. Je dirais même que c’est du viol!

De toute façon je n’en acheterai jamais plus. Je ne soutiens pas ce genre d’entrprise. Au pire, il existe toujours le bon vieux film alimentaire en plastique.

L’un des participants a mentionné la possibilité de se faire momifier par dessus les vêtements. Je dois avouer que je ne l’avais jamais fait puisque la sensation de la matière plastique est quasiment effacée dans ce cas. En plus il est difficile de tenir le ruban bien serré. Mais avec le Duct Tape cela peut se faire par dessus des vêtements jetables. Attention, le Duct Tape ainsi que la plupart des adhesifs peuvent abîmer les vêtements de façon permanenete.

Merci encore à ceux et celles qui ont participé à cet atlier!

Traduit par,
Happy Frank

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  1. > I have finally exhausted almost all my
    > PVC tape that I often use for wrapping [..]

    > Unfortunately i can’t get mine anymore [..]

    > Anyway, the market tape is terrible for
    > versatility [..]

    Interesting timing. Yesterday I re-discovered an industrial roll of cellophane film that was given to me with a twinkle in the eye that I might want to wrap something other than sandwiches.

    I haven’t used it for anything so far. It’s just about 30 cm wide but probably veeeeerrrryyyy long.

    If there would be another workshop I’d be happy to bring it along.
    If I would be in the area at that time.
    Which I most likely won’t 😦

  2. If you’re not going to be in the area, than what’s the point of mentioning it? You could try deciding you want to go to that workshop (not sure if they are having it again), and bring the cellophane with you. Now there’s an idea!

  3. It was a great workshop and for someone who was getting their first mummification during it, I must say it was awesome! Thank you Alura for making me feel comfortable and for giving the workshop.

    Yes I agree the tape that is on the market is not exactly the greatest. Really tight but doesn’t stick to itself. Got to love the irony that they market it as “Bondage Tape” or something similar along those lines. I think we need to give them a lesson about what proper bondage tape is. But that is just my two cents.

    At least with old fashioned plastic wrap one can see the body underneath more clearly than with your usual tape. Could give that “meat in the grocery store” feelings to the person being mummified if they are into that sort of thing.

  4. i found the workshop both instructive and inspiring. The discussion
    and the practical part of the workshop were conducted in an enjoyable
    and relaxed atmosphere. i could see that everyone was having a lot of
    fun. i know i did. Can’t wait to be all wrapped up!
    Thanks to Contessa Alura, Moon Child Kitty and the ALCC for these
    really useful workshops!

    • Kommandandt Jack

      excellent workshop! well explained, well trained model! and more than anything,ive learned a lot about mummification. thanks to you contessa Alura! and thanks to kitty for the demo

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