Submission Wrestling / Lutte érotique – Jul 25

[La version française est ci-dessous]

This was an extremely informative and fun workshop! Big Thank You’s to Mr. O and Mz. Tina for teaching us how to use wrestling techniques for submission play scenes. We all had ample opportunities to practice incredible Jiu Jitsu techniques.

It is incredible how a little knowledge of human anatomy can allow someone smaller in size to control someone much bigger.

With safety always in mind, we were shown many techniques for players to wrestle, and even some kinky suggestions.

The workshop was so successful, that it was suggested to have regular wrestling groups. Hopefully we will, because it is so invigorating. And what the hell… it’s exercise too!

– S. Petal


Nous avons appris énormement de choses et nous nous sommes beaucoup amusés pendant cet atelier. Des gros mercis à Mr. O et Mz. Tina de nous avoir appris les diverses techniques de la lutte érotique. Nous avons tous eu la possibilité de pratiquer des techniques Jiu Jitsu hallucinantes.

Je trouve cela incroyable que l’on puisse dominer une personne beaucoup plus grande que soit quand on possède un peu de connaisance de l’anatomie humaine.

On nous a également appris les différentes mesures de securité qui s’imposent dans ce genre de pratique.

L’atlier s’est avéré un grand succès. Plusieures personnes voulaient qu’on le fasse plus souvent.  Pourquoi pas? C’est un bon moyen de se tenir en forme!

Traduit par,
Happy Frank

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  1. That sounds really nice!

    Wrestling sounds like an excellent excuse to touch a lovely lady pretty much all over 🙂
    I mean – you can hardly get closer without – well – you know …

    I had a yellow belt in Judo and I was not bad on the ground during completions. Only problem is that I was 14 years old at that time and I have since then lost some flexibility. Touching my nose with my foot used to be so easy …

    > The workshop was so successful, that it was suggested
    > to have regular wrestling groups.

    No wonder – there are lovely ladies at the ALCC I’d like to wrestle until I’d need a doctor (maybe a nurse?)

    These guys at the ALCC have excellent ideas!

  2. I LOVED this workshop. Physical exercise is great but wrestling is so much fun!

    I have to admit that I was skeptical of whether or not I could use the techniques learned at this workshop to actually hold someone MUCH larger than I down. Well, I have NO worries about that. I put petal in a move that he could really NOT get out of and he must outweigh me by at least 100pouds AND out height me by more than 2 feet. I really couldn’t believe it. He was really trying hard and he couldn’t do ANYTHING!

    I am working hard to be sure we can offer this workshop again in a few months.

    Who is in favor of a wrestling GROUP?

    – Contessa Alura

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