Misconceptions About Nudism

The article below is not being promoted through this posting, rather I want to clear up misconceptions about it. There is a full text that will be added to this posting just as soon as I can re-write it since it took me forever to do the first time and well… it didn’t actually make it onto this blog.

As well, these are my personal thoughts about both the article and nudism that will be posted here.

– Contessa Alura

How to Choose Nudist Resorts for Alternative Lifestyles
By an eHow Contributor
Make sure the nudist resort you pick is full of friendly people. If you engage in an alternative lifestyle, it can be difficult to go on vacation, even to a nudist resort. Why? In order to fit in with the crowd, you must curb your lifestyle. Surprisingly, even some nudists are prudes. Also, certain nudist resorts are family-friendly, and the people who frequent them don’t want their children exposed to certain things. So before you buy a ticket, do your homework.

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  1. If by “alternative lifestyles” you mean swinging, then nudist resorts are not the place to go.
    AANR will happliy answer questions about nudism, but they are NOT a resource for swinger venues.
    Sexual orientation is not the issue, it’s how people behave and the values they have.

    Nudism is about simply enjoying the freedom of one’s own skin, nothing more. Nudists are NOT “against” sex, but they do not believe in using the body as a turn on. Nudist resorts are also family places. You will be quickly evicted if you engage in inappropriate activity.

    The same goes for nude beaches, which have been closed because of sexual activity. Look at San Onofre right now.

    Why is sexual activity not tolerated? It’s not a judgment against your interests–it’s about protecting our interests. Nudist resorts and beach users have worked for decades for acceptance by local communities and governments, and they will not risk losing that trust by confirming people’s worst fears.

    Be aware that almost all of the so-called “nudist” websites, blogs and chat groups are really sex sites in disguise. They contain misinformation or lies about nudism, and sexual content if you dig deep enough. This helps to explain much of the confusion about what nudism really is.

    The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR.com) is the most respected nudist organization in the US. AANR was the first to organize the nudist movement and set standards and values. It is NOT a resource for “alternative lifestyles” groups.

    There are loads of sex clubs to visit for people who are into that scene. Please find one of them to visit instead and you won’t have anything to worry about. We respect your right to pursue your recreation. Please respect our right to pursue ours.

    AANR member

  2. Hello Mark and thank you for your comment.

    I really must apologize because there was supposed to be additional text in this posting. I found this posting on another website, I did not write it, AND more importantly, I did not agree with what was being said.

    Since I am new at this whole blog thing and trying to get acquainted with the process, this entry came out as an entire posting when it was really only supposed to have my text and this entire article as a small part to click on… that is NOT how it turned out and quite unfortunately! The whole point behind even posting this was to provide a better understanding about nudism itself to clear up misconceptions.

    However, I am very happy that you commented in the way that you did because it is VERY important to me, as I am sure it is to others, that nudism be understood for what it is and what it is not!

    I was looking desperately to find a posting somewhere that offered a symbol, logo, or special marking that was specific to nudists but didn’t find one. Do you know of one?

    I think that swinging AND nudist communities are often unfortunately grouped together and misunderstood and perhaps having a unique symbol specific to nudism might help.

    Just as a side note, to me personally, being nude should not be considered alternative. I also think that being nude with others should also not be considered alternative, but I feel that compared to mainstream society, it is considered that way and so I use the term “alternative lifestyle” when talking about nudism as a regular part of someone’s life.

    Thank you very much for adding important info about where people can find accurate info about nudist communities and I will certainly provide links for others to reach them.

    – Contessa Alura

    • Thank you Contessa, for your thoughtful reply. Most replies to comments like mine are angry or dismissive, because it seems that some people have an agenda to mix nudism and sexual interests. But there are major differences, and my point is, people are free to engage in either one, and not only would it be damaging for the two to mix, there is just no need to mix them.

      Like you I think that being nude should not be considered alternative. But in the US simply being nude will be thought of as alternative and perverse until most people do not equate nudity with sex. That is one reason why nudists are quick to correct anything that perpetuates this idea. The internet is making this more difficult because of the massive amount of lies that get repeated. Just because people are naked does not mean they are interested in the same things.

      Nudists are wary of words like “alternative” and “lifestyle” because they are often used to confuse people about nudism. “Lifestyle” has become a euphemism for swinging, but some people refer to a “nudist lifestyle,” so this term alone makes people think nudity equals sex. Also, very few nudists really get to live nude all the time, so calling it a lifestyle doesn’t even work. I also enjoy kayaking but that doesn’t mean I live a “kayaking lifestyle.”

      Also some people have tried to sexualize nudism by making up the term “alternative nudist,” meaning a person who mixes nudism with swinging. It’s an oxymoron because these are two opposite things! You will find no mention of this term on AANR or any legitimate nudist website.

      I’m not sure there is a universal nudist symbol but there may be one.
      I look forward to your comments on nudism.


  3. I will have to re-write my long in-depth explanation but I assure you, it will make it there lol.

    Thank you for clearing up the “lifestyle” thing. It’s really difficult to talk about these types of subjects without labeling or making up our own words/terms but often it is necessary to create understanding. Our need to label and term has actually created all the “alternative” jargon in the first place but it truly is how we understand our world and so we perpetuate dichotomy.

    i want to extend that I deeply appreciate your posts and I encourage you to continue no matter what negative feedback you get. The point is, many people have it wrong and it is necessary to get the right message out there.

    NUDITY doesn’t have anything to do with sex by itself. How people want to behave nude is up to there. However, in areas where nudity is permitted and places you go to be nude with other nudists is NOT FOR SEX. It is for the mere comfort and expression of being in your skin without clothes and it would be considered rude and disrespectful to take it anywhere outside that context within that context.

    I had the pleasure of really experiencing what nudism is as nudists understand it and it was really nice. I have to admit that I too thought that there would be more to it in at least talking about each others parts, comparing, etc, but I learned that looking below ones head was not even practiced lol. I was disappointed in that because I wanted it to be more sexual and it really wasn’t at all. The feeling for me was that I was simply wearing a different outfit that happened to be my skin and that was THAT.

    That is what lead me to better understand nudists and actually want to make posts that better explain about nudist communities to help eliminate all the misconceptions (Damn, here I am writing some of what will go in my post).

    Anyhow, I at least wanted to respond and thank you for your comments.

    Oh, I also wanted to know if you think it would be nice to have an international nudist symbol and if you might want to design one or have thoughts about what it might include?

    Please stay posted, but be patient lol, as I am going to re-write my post.

    – Contessa Alura

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