Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

‎50% of Proceeds being donated to ALCC / CCVA @ Fetiche Sequence

I am so happy to report that Fetiche Sequence has contacted us to offer a REAL fundraiser for the ALCC  / CCVA this Friday, September 17th at Club Tools.

They have offered to donate half the proceeds from ticket sales to the community centre. Isn’t that wonderful?

While the theme itself has already been planned, RED ALERT (wear anything red), we have been asked to decide what we’d like the event to be and we’ve decided to turn the whole club into ONE BIG PLAY PARTY. Of course we will still have the dance floor for anyone wishing to dance, but we will have play centres ALL over the club.

There will be Dungeon Monitors available everywhere providing a safe play space but also to offer assistance and information when necessary.

Bring your toys, bring your creativity and sense of adventure. More importantly, bring yourself and your friends, and help support the ALCC with your presence.


– Contessa Alura