Cross-dressers Unite #3 – Sept 11

Our third Crossdresser group had a fun new element- a makeup lesson.

Vanessa Cummings is a transsexual woman who was very generous in sharing her knowledge, time, and experience with us. We learned a lot about makeup, but also especially how to use makeup to hide some of our male features.

We all learned how to change our look. It was a fascinating lesson. Vanessa really knows her stuff and explained so well. I was very impressed.

As in the previous groups, we discussed topics of concern to crossdressers: going out in public, why we cross-dress, places to go, etc. Really interesting things to talk about, that I certainly would not discuss at work for example!

That is one of the great things about the ALCC, it gives people of varying interests, a place to  go and chat about things in a totally non-judgmental forum.



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  1. Hi

    This meeting was loads of fun. I was used as the demo model and was happy about that. Also meeting others is always interesting. And that evening after dressing up for the meeting and having the make up put on, I actually did my first public outing. Going back to the car dressed up and then going out to a party. At that party I surprised a few people. Some didn’t recognised me, others were astonished. Anyway I have been at parties before but they were more private and I was dressing up there. It was a great feeling. Thanks for the encouragements.

    Gillian aka glovedsub

  2. Well this third meeting was a special occasion for me. First we all dressed up at the ALCC. I was used as the model by Vanessa to teach others some trick. But this was the first time that I actually went outside dressed up as Gillian my female alter-ego. So I went of the meeting dressed and ended up going to a Fetish Party at l’Espace that night. Some people I know there didn’t recognised me and others were quite surprised. But it was a good outing except for my feet that were killing me. Boots with a 3 inch heel will do that when you are not used to.
    But it was a nice experience.

    Thanks Vanessa and the others for the moral support.

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