Wax Play with Contessa Alura – Sept 21

I’m really impressed with the turn-out. There were some new faces in my workshop and new comers to wax play itself, and even out-of-towners!

The workshop went very well. My sexy and very wonderful demo model Karl, was very responsive during our demonstraion and provided his perpectivr on his sensations offering a better understanding about the subject. Often it is only the instructor tat explains the how and what to do but when we are doing activities/play, that involve two people, the person feeling what is being done offers a very important point of view.

I had wonderful feedback and personally touching comments given to me about the workshop but also about the ALCC-CCVA in general. This was to the effect of how professional this person felt our organization was and how much this person apprecaiated that suh a community effort and organization for alternative lifestyles even existed. It really feels good to hear those things because it takes many people and a GREAT deal of effort to make a centre grow. It just felt like this person really understood that and it was rewarding for all of us to hear!

A speacial thank you to the wonderful gentelman from Winnipeg who spent time with us when he was only in town for two weeks. He will be missed!

What an amazing evening!

– Contessa Alura


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  1. It was a great workshop. I loved the informal feel, yet the clearly well-organised and well-thought-out content. Plus, I came away with lots of delicious and devious ideas. 😉

  2. well structured workshop from safety to aftercare. I even picked up some new ideas.
    thanks CA

  3. Contessa Alura’s wax play workshop was as usual very informative, fun and a touch “risque”. From the very thankful perspective of being her demo person for this workshop, I always felt safe in her hands as well as feeling her control over every part of the workshop. The use of the blindfold along with her reassuring touches and mixed in with the intensity of the wax being either dripped or poured on me was simply exquisite. Wax play is a really exquisite experience anyne into more intense type play should experience.

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