Daily Archives: September 28, 2010

Dungeon Monitor Training course – Sept 25

Dunter’s Dungeon Monitor Training course was filled with interesting facts as well as stories to illustrate important points. He taught necessary information to be a Dungeon Monitor, such as laws involved, health and safety, social interaction, as well as various responsibilities.

I was surprised to learn that being a Dungeon Monitor is a relatively new position in Montreal. A few years ago, you would not have seen a DM at a play party wearing an orange arm band. In the past, it was a less formal idea of having somebody look out for the safety of others. Perhaps it is a good sign that safety consciousness is building more and more.

One of the many lessons that I came away with was that the Dungeon Monitor needs to be very socially aware of the interactions all around. While being concerned primarily with safety, the DM is also very concerned with allowing people to enjoy themselves. In fact the DM helps to allow play parties to continue… because none of us want a dangerous situation where human beings lives are at stake.

Taking the time to be safe goes hand in hand with playtime.

S. Petal