Massage Lovers Group – Oct 10

A very relaxing learning experience took place this Sunday at the ALCC.
It was the first meeting of the Massage Lovers group, led by Xavier. 

Thanksgiving weekend meant we had a small group, but the people who came were lucky to get one on one instruction and wonderfully enjoyable massages.

We were given an introduction to Shiatsu massage techniques.

Xavier has a very practical and open teaching style which is ideal for learning  about massage. I found it interesting that the techniques we learned were not tiring for the one giving the massage, yet yielded impressive results. 

The enjoyment of the people being massaged was quite evident. We all smiled when one person said: “That’s a ‘WOW’ spot”, during her massage. It seems Shiatsu massage is fun to give and to receive.

Certainly, massage is an important way to connect physically with others and also has important health benefits.
– Petal

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