Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

Lord Saxnot’s Rope Bondage 201 – Oct 17

Every instructor at the ALCC has put safety in the spotlight, and Saxnot was no exception. He had many amusing anecdotes which illustrated particular points of safety, which made his workshop fill with laughter at times, while making his point very well.

After a brief refresher on the info from Bondage 101, he proceeded to show us how to do a Shibari harness. That was really COOL! Sorry, no other way to say it. Rope just looks amazing on it’s own, but make it into a harness… and Wowee!

Apart from the many practical things about rope we learned, we finally were given a demonstration of a “frog-tie” bondage. It seems the things we had been learning can be applied to create such interesting types of bondage. And it just looked so elegant (despite the name).

– Petal

Cross-dressers Unite – Oct 16

A very enjoyable get together once again for our cross-dressers group.

The conversation had a variety of topics –  we would talk about makeup, then politics, wigs, then computers. I really enjoy how we can all share CD tips!

Wow, I was so much in a rush that day, it was a relief to change into a dress. I’ve heard that cross-dressing helps alleviate high blood pressure, and I really believe it. I don’t know why, but wearing a dress is relaxing!

Ironically enough, since one of the things we talked about was how it can be a little nerve-wracking for some of us to actually buy the dresses and makeup etc. that make us happy.

Great conversation, great support, and a great group of people!

– Petal

Beginner Flogging Workshop – Oct 16

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The first time that I saw floggers being used, it seemed like such a mysterious activity. The flow of the flogger tails through the air, the almost dance-like reactions of the top and bottom, the ritualistic appearance of it… these were all things that impressed me.

Now I had the opportunity to learn about flogging from Contessa Alura, a true expert! Her workshop offered invaluable instruction regarding safety, communication, and enjoyment of flogging.

What struck me in particular was how these three aspects actually blend together and complement each other. There needs to be proper communication in order to ensure safety, which in turn leads to greater trust and a feeling of being able to ‘let go’.

We received amazing insights into what happens on an emotional level during this type of play. After learning so much, we had the opportunity to practice the techniques that Contessa Alura had explained. Although we were all beginners, we all started to develop our own ‘styles’.

Glovedsub served as a great demonstrator and excellent target practice also! Indeed, he had his own perspective with his own experiences which was interesting to hear also.

Is flogging any less mysterious to me? Not at all… I just have a deeper appreciation of the mystery of this kind of play, and of play in general.

– Petal

Unholy Harvest Weekend Ottawa – Oct 8-11

This was a truly wonderful event that I am so happy I had the opportunity to particpate in.

The event is hosted by Breathless, Ottawa’s Alternative Lifestyles Community Centre, and organized by the fabulous Unholy Army of the Night, a Montreal based group that provides BDSM events for women. An Unholy Harvest is an annual weekend-long leather/BDSM event for women and trans people held in Ottawa, Canada over Thanksgiving weekend every October. Co-founded in 2007 by Jacqueline St-Urbain and Andrea Zanin, An Unholy Harvest is open to women (including trans women) and trans men who respect and honour a women’s play space and who feel they have a place among leatherdykes.

I have been to a few UAOTN events in Montreal and these are a really a close and welcoming group of ladies. It was really great to experience a whole weekend with all those wonderful people.

There were three play parties, BDSM/kink workshops, the fun afternoon catering service, and kinky auction, film screenings, and erotica readings all under the 1950’s theme of “Pink Ladies” and “Greasers”, perfect!

I provided a mummification workshop on behalf of the ALCCVA with the help of the lovely Miss Destiny as my demonstration model. I must admit I spent a great deal of time laughing and sharing stories during that workshop and that brought me and everyone else a lot closer. I tend to go on from time to time, but everyone seemed quite entertained.

I was super happy that I had so many people willing to try mummification after wards. Often there are only a few who really get up to take out the plastic wrap or bondage tape and start trying it for the first time, but these women were right in there lol. It was fabulous!

Thank you to everyone for making the weekend so special. Please do contact us anytime and we hope to see more of you!

– CA