Cross-dressers Unite – Oct 16

A very enjoyable get together once again for our cross-dressers group.

The conversation had a variety of topics –  we would talk about makeup, then politics, wigs, then computers. I really enjoy how we can all share CD tips!

Wow, I was so much in a rush that day, it was a relief to change into a dress. I’ve heard that cross-dressing helps alleviate high blood pressure, and I really believe it. I don’t know why, but wearing a dress is relaxing!

Ironically enough, since one of the things we talked about was how it can be a little nerve-wracking for some of us to actually buy the dresses and makeup etc. that make us happy.

Great conversation, great support, and a great group of people!

– Petal

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  1. I have SO much fun putting men in drag. I love having crossdressing high teas.

    • Well then we should be having this type of gathering at the centre don’t you think? What a great idea!!! My friend in Ottawa recently suggested this herself but unfortunately we don’t have anyone to lead it at the moment. Interested?
      – Alura

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