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Dark / Erotic Poetry – Group (Bilingual), November 21, Isis and Luscious

Dark Poetry ALCCVA 24 Oct 2010

Another great Dark/Erotic Poetry Group meeting. A great range of poetry was read this week. We heard from present day poems, written by some of the members…
We heard from Victorian age poems…
Some Marquis de Sade, of course.

Finally, we heard from very ancient poetry about the goddess Inanna, surprisingly sexy stuff!

Isis and I even did a reading from James Joyce’s Ulysses. She has a wonderful reading voice, and I was happy enough to hold my own, reading the part of the harried Leopold Bloom.

Thank you everyone who participated, this group continues to encourage and foster my on again, off again love of reading.

– petal

Violet Wand 101 November 21, by Satanica

violet wand

The Violet Wand is such an interesting and beautiful device just to look at, let alone to play with. Satanica was the highly knowledgeable and fun instructor for this type of electrical play. Her skill and enthusiasm for the Violet Wand made the workshop extremely enjoyable. She explained some of the intricacies of the apparatus, such as types of electrodes, indirect vs. direct action, key safety points, amongst others.

Satanica also had some wonderful advice for play, saying that “communication is the key”.

There seem so many possibilities for the Violet Wand. It does indeed seem that there is no limit apart from your imagination, as Satanica said. Thank you Satanica for showing us what imagination can do!

– petal

ALCCVA on the McGill AIDS Coalition Panel – Nov 18

Check out this great blog written by Angel about the McGill AIDS Coalition Panel last Thursday…

Crossdressers Unite Nov. 14

The Crossdressers Unite group was held on Sunday, November 14 and it was well attended. Besides regular faces there were some new ones as well.

Among the attendees was a Concordia student doing a report, to get a better understanding of what it means to be a crossdresser, transsexual, etc. and was very much welcomed. (Of course no names etc would be used).

The topics of the night varied, from make up, clothing, corsets, and of course what it is like to be CD/TV or TS. The conversation was lively and interesting, with many different angles. Before we knew it, it was time to wrap up for the evening! The time flew!

I would like to take a moment to mention some things about the Crossdressers Unite group. First, you do not have to dress to come. You can choose to dress there, or not dress at all. There is no judging of you. Second, even if you have beend dressing for years, this group is still very much for you as well, because the newer members could really benefit from your experience. Third, you don not have to be “out”, even if you are a “closet CD”, you are most welcome to attend. As well, anyone who has a significant other that they would like to bring along who may need some help understanding your dressing, please do feel free.

Until next month!

– Vanessa

Change to Military Drill Workshop (bilingual)

Military Drill Workshop (bilingual)

Please note there is a change effective as of today for the Military Drill Workshops.

Dunter has stepped down, and Vanessa has stepped in to take over the workshop.

Vanessa does have many years experience in the military, and is also a qualified drill instructor. She had obtained the rank of Master Corporal in the Canadian Forces, and has given drill on many parades and as well has instructed recruit courses for the Forces.

A volunteer to be the recruit is needed for the next workshop, no experience is necessary.  You may contact her directly at if you are interested.

Make-up Tips For TG

Part 1

Part 2

These are the make up tips that I had given during one of the Crossdressers Unite group meetings, and I hope that some find them useful 🙂  As well you even get to see me without my makeup on, which is something not many get to see lol!

– Vanessa

Satanica Violet Wand 101 November 10, 2010

violet wand

   The workshop started with a brief history of the violet wand and of some of it’s early use.  It mainly appeared around the beginning of the 20th century.  Some of it’s early use was to treat certain skin problems.  Today it’s still in use to dissinfect the skin after removal of black heads or other skin treatment.. 

   Satanica then explained the differences between the old violet wands with a wax core and the newer ones with a ceramic core.  After that she started explaining the different types of play with the wand.  Including direct contact, indirect contact via the top (dominant) and finally indirect contact via the bottom (submissive). 

   She then started demonstrating different electrodes on her lovely model.  During this she explained the safety factors and risk of violet wand play.  3 main reasons you should not play with a violet wand.  1- You are epileptic.  2- You have heart problems. 3- You have a pacemaker.

   She demonstrated the 3 main types of play with different electrodes.  All having different levels of intensity and effects.  Finally she concluded the workshop on how to clean your wand and how to maintain it in top shape.

   A very informative workshop.

– Glovesub

New Volunteers Recruited …. check out who! Nov 10, 2010

DEEPEST THANKS to the following people for answering our request for help and climbing on board to the ALCCVA TEAM!

Sadist Faction – Board Member, Fundraising Coordinator, JOAT
Ksandra – Artistic Designer, Publicity Designer
Drake – French Blog Administrator, Translator
Vanessa – English Blog Administrator, Link Exchanger, Publicity Designer
Frank – Publicity Designer
Glovedsub – Translator, Chauffeur for Physically Challenges, Workshop Demo Model
Danny Godbout – Gay Leather Community Liaison
Rodrigo – Queer BDSM Community Liaison (Against The Wall Event Organizer)

There are more following. Thanks for your support!

– CA

Amateur Bondage Group – Nov 7

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The second Amateur Bondage Group meeting was another success. Contessa Alura gave us some quick safety pointers, some quick basic bondage tie instructions, then let us start tying each other up.

This group is a huge advantage for those of us who don’t have many opportunities to practice. It is a nice setting to learn – relaxed, with interesting people, and lots of rope around. We were all helping each other, with knots, with ties, with bondage books, etc. There is so much to learn about rope, about bondage. At one time, it seemed so intimidating to me. But with this group, with courses at the ALCCVA, I feel that it is something that I can get better at with practice. I was so happy to see everybody learning, everybody making something amazing – harnesses, interesting rope ties, etc.

There is so much to rope, the look, the way it flows, the way it feels. At one point, almost everybody in the room had rope on them in one way or another. Great fun!

– Petal


Drop in day – Nov 7

Following on the heels of the BDSM safety workshop was our ALCCVA drop-in day. The discussion from the previous activity blended in very nicely with the people dropping in. I really enjoy the freedom to talk about “Alternative Lifestyle” things with a variety of people. For example, I can’t think of many social settings where I could go from talking about politics to flogging in the same conversation. And I must say, I do enjoy those big red comfy chairs…
– Petal