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New Volunteers Recruited …. check out who! Nov 10, 2010

DEEPEST THANKS to the following people for answering our request for help and climbing on board to the ALCCVA TEAM!

Sadist Faction – Board Member, Fundraising Coordinator, JOAT
Ksandra – Artistic Designer, Publicity Designer
Drake – French Blog Administrator, Translator
Vanessa – English Blog Administrator, Link Exchanger, Publicity Designer
Frank – Publicity Designer
Glovedsub – Translator, Chauffeur for Physically Challenges, Workshop Demo Model
Danny Godbout – Gay Leather Community Liaison
Rodrigo – Queer BDSM Community Liaison (Against The Wall Event Organizer)

There are more following. Thanks for your support!

– CA

Amateur Bondage Group – Nov 7

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The second Amateur Bondage Group meeting was another success. Contessa Alura gave us some quick safety pointers, some quick basic bondage tie instructions, then let us start tying each other up.

This group is a huge advantage for those of us who don’t have many opportunities to practice. It is a nice setting to learn – relaxed, with interesting people, and lots of rope around. We were all helping each other, with knots, with ties, with bondage books, etc. There is so much to learn about rope, about bondage. At one time, it seemed so intimidating to me. But with this group, with courses at the ALCCVA, I feel that it is something that I can get better at with practice. I was so happy to see everybody learning, everybody making something amazing – harnesses, interesting rope ties, etc.

There is so much to rope, the look, the way it flows, the way it feels. At one point, almost everybody in the room had rope on them in one way or another. Great fun!

– Petal


Drop in day – Nov 7

Following on the heels of the BDSM safety workshop was our ALCCVA drop-in day. The discussion from the previous activity blended in very nicely with the people dropping in. I really enjoy the freedom to talk about “Alternative Lifestyle” things with a variety of people. For example, I can’t think of many social settings where I could go from talking about politics to flogging in the same conversation. And I must say, I do enjoy those big red comfy chairs…
– Petal

Saxnot’s Beginner’s BDSM Safety – Nov 7

Lord Saxnot's Workshop

As usual, Lord Saxnot’s workshop was filled with interesting stories which made his lessons hit home.  He created a very fun and relaxed learning atmosphere, while at the same time making some very important points on BDSM safety. This was a very important workshop for anyone new on the scene. Actually, experienced players could benefit from the class as well. Some of the topics included: Safety call, how to find safe and compatible play partners, public events, private events, emotional and physical safety, amongst others. If you want to find a BDSM play partner, in any capacity, then I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.
– Petal

Contessa’s Cock and Ball Play Workshop – Oct 27/2010

What an intersting group this was lol. Much of the workshop was taught by the lovely David, whom being a very experienced bottom in the area of cock and ball play, offered both his package up for grabs as well as his knowledge.
Since we had a small group this was perfect. It alllowed me the opportunity to basically interview him as a future worshop coordinator and I was happpy with his knowledge and delivery. You will see more of him, and that includes all his parts lol, in the coming months at the centre.
We talked about safety, bondage for cock and balls, percussive play and the effects, different kinds of cock and ball play such as sensual, streching of the balls with wieghts, bondage on the cock and balls, and more.
Thank you to CBTboy for vounteering your parts for our workshop but unfortunately, they didn’t get used. You did get an eyefull though lol.
– CA

Erotic / Dark Poetry – Group (Bilingual) – October 24

Dark Poetry ALCCVA 24 Oct 2010

Well, a very enjoyable time reading and hearing some erotic literature.  Amanda is the wonderful new facilitator for this group and her love for books
will definitely make this group a success.

She read some poetry, including a very descriptive Victorian poem…

“There are weals over weals,
there are stripes upon stripes
there are cuts after cuts…”
(Charlie Collingwood’s Flogging by Etoniensis)
Even I read a short story on spanking!
Thanks for reminding me how wonderful the written word can be… for reminding me to take the time to read more also – both kinky and non-kinky topics.
– Petal

Candyland was AWESOME!!!!

CANDYLAND WAS AWESOME!!! A very special thank you to all the people who helped in the dungeon: Mistress Mr.O & MzTina, Mistress Irony & Hazel, Sir Kira & Restrikt, Sadist Faction, Satanic & Friend, Kay de Monet, Glovedsub, Abbey, Frank, Petal, to RedRain, Yevdhora, Xavier & Gabriel, and of course to everyone who helped make Candyland FABULOUS!!!

We had our grand total of $400 raised after all is said and done!!! WOW, this was truly a fundraiswer. Thanks RED RAIN for your support and hard work. YOU and your team were wonderful.

– CA

Saxnot’s Rope Bondage 201 – Oct 20/2010

Lord Saxnot gave his Advanced Bondage workshop last night. It was attended by seven members. As usual, the emphasis was on safety, comfort and courtesy. We were shown a variety of knots and ties including the box knot, and the frog tie. We were also shown how to make a beautiful, yet simple, Shibari body harness. All in all, the workshop was informative and fun for everyone present.

Thank-you all for attending! See you soon.