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Impervia – Jan 29th


The ALCCVA was at Impervia, put on by the Royal Penthouse, on January 29th, and what an event!  The ALCCVA was represented well there, with many members giving demo’s in the dungeon area, and helping to monitor the dungeon.

Impervia had many wonderful shows, including fire dancers, pole dancers and more. The performances were flawless as usual!  Between shows the partygoers would dance, mingle, and socialize.

In the dungeon, Pat Pierce did an amazing needle play demo, where not only were needles placed meticulously and in a beautiful pattern, but the girl having her mouth stitched shut. The result when he was done was simply awesome.

The ALCCVA Team had some floggings going on (yours truly was the recipient of a 4-on-1 flogging… most wonderful!), as well as mummification, and some mummified breath play with a gas mask.

Congrats to Conrad and crew for putting on such an amazing event!

And thank you to the ALCCVA team that helped – Contessa Alura, kinky_k, petal, Sadistfaction, Gilles, Blue-Eyed Eve, and do I thank myself? lol

– Vanessa

Everything To Do With Sex Show (Salon de l’Amour et de la Seduction) Jan 21-23


Our Table


Petal & Vanessa at the ALCCVA Table

Petal & Vanessa at the ALCCVA Table

The ALCCVA was at the Salon de l’Amour et de la Seduction (Everything To Do With Sex Show) the weekend of January 21-23.  This is an event that travels from city to city, and this past weekend was Montreal’s stop!

We had our table in the dungeon area of the show, near one of the entrances so that people could see the table and stop in and ask questions and learn about us and also of alternative lifestyles and gender identity.  There were pamphlets on the table, books, cards and of course your trusty volunteers behind the table and in the dungeon area both working the floor and in the dungeon area.  And a few lucky people got some gift certificates on Sunday for a free workshop!

The team got to meet many interesting people, and  there should be quite a few new faces at the workshops and groups as a result of the show.  And many also learned that the misconceptions about alternative lifestyles are just that – misconceptions.

A big thank you to all the volunteers! And a big thank you to the show organizers, staff, and promoters!  We look forward to the next one!

ALCCVA at the Everything To Do With Sex Show (Salon de l’Amour et de la Seduction) Jan 21-23

The ALCCVA will have a table at this weekends Everything To Do With Sex Show (Salon de l’Amour et de la Seduction) Jan 21-23 at Place Bonaventure, in the dungeon area.  Come pay us a visit!

Crossdressers Unite! Jan 16


On a very cold Sunday night the monthly Crossdressers Unite group met.  Perhaps because of the cold attendance was sparse this time, and the day will be also changed to a Saturday soon.

Despite the low attendance, we talked about things both related to transgender and other topics as well. One topic that was touched on was acceptance. If we wish to have acceptance and tolerance of us, we must also show acceptance and tolerance to others as well, a topic sparked by some controversial statements made by some members of an Ottawa TG group which one of us was a member but has withdrawn over the comments.

Remember – you do not have to be “out of the closet” to attend the groups, nor do you have to dress. You can come as you wish!

Until next time!

– Vanessa

Amateur Bondage Workshop Jan 9

Filling in for Contessa Alura was Vanessa (me lol) on this workshop.  It was very well attended, with some regulars and some new faces!

After teaching a few basic knots and a couple of basic hand ties including how to make a rope handcuff, members began practicing their bondage on each other.  Books were opened and many practiced some of the ties in them. Some very wonderful looking ties and ropework! For an amateur group they learn quick!

Thank you to all who attended!

– Vanessa


Drop-in Day Jan 9

On Sunday, Janurary 9th we had our monthly drop-in day. We had a few drop in to say hi and show their support and we also had some stop by to learn more about the ALCCVA. More and more people are finding us, and wanting to know more, this shows that we are succeeding in getting known!

All in all a very good drop-in!

– Vanessa