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Potluck February 26th

The potluck on Saturday, February 26th was VERY well attended!  Lots of people, sharing food and chatting.  Some showed just for the potluck, and some from the Dungeon Monitor training had remained behind for it. Sandwiches, pizza, chips, pop, and chocolate chip cake with great chit chat!

For those looking for a way to just get to know more in the community in a relaxed atmosphere, this is a good way. Come on by for the next one!

ALCC on CKUT 90.3 fm radio

Listen to our live interview recorded this past Tuesday Feb 22, with Jamie from McGill’s Radio Station CKUT.

We discussed alternative lifestyles and how the ALCC got it’s start.

Bill C-389

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to do as much as possible to support Bill C-389 which is now before the senate.  This Bill, once law, would make it illegal to discriminate against a person based on gender identity or expression, which until now has not been protected in law for the nation and very few actually protect.

There are those who claim this is a “bathroom bill”.  No, it is not. There are those among us who need this protection. Yes, in Canada, there IS discrimination.  I, Vanessa Cummings, can personally vouch for that.  Until I presented myself in “drab” (read: male) I was denied renting an apartment even. Yes, here in Canada, yes, here in Montreal. The one time I presented as male for an apartment I got it, no problems at all.  Showed the exact same paperwork that I had shown before. No, it was not “luck of the draw” – there was discrimination.

Being transsexual is NOT a “choice”.  It is NOT a “lifestyle”. A person who is transsexual is someone who is transitioning from one sex to another.  The gender they identify with.  And there are those who choose not to fully transition, who actually desire to be a “third gender”.  There is no reason to deny them basic human rights. 

This is a very very very important bill to get passed through the senate NOW.  Why?  Because since the Conservatives were essentially the only ones to really vote against it in parliament, there is a chance that even they can trigger an election any day now, thus killing the bill in the senate.  If this bill is killed in the senate, we are stuck starting from scratch – again. This is why an election now is definitely not desireable.

How do you help?  Well, check out below!

Sign now! Encourage your Senator to ensure protection!!!!

Bill C389 – Add gender identity and gender expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act and federal hate crimes laws.

On February 10, a majority of MPs voted to add gender identity and gender expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act and federal hate crimes laws.

Now it’s up to the Senate to pass the bill, so it can be given Royal Assent. With the threat of a spring election looming, we need to act now.

Send a letter to the Senators in your province now. Tell them to obey the decision of Parliament and act for trans human rights today. Or, send it to all Senators.

Click the link for access to a premade letter and all the email addresses of Senate and a snail mail addy: […]

Crossdressers Unite Feb 12th

On Saturday, February 12th, the Crossdressers Unite Group met.  Snacks were there, and talk was lively.  Among topics in discussion were the passage of Bill C-389 through Parliament, and how it just needs Senate approval to be law.  This bill, once law, would give protection for gender identity and gender expression in Canada. Let’s hope it passes!

Do not forget, you do not need to come dressed or even dress at the group. It is a non-judgemental group, and there to help others. If you have a spouse/significant other you would like to bring to the group that is permitted as well.

– Vanessa

Naked Yoga – Feb 20 – To Be Rescheduled

The naked yoga for February 20 is to be rescheduled – not cancelled – just rescheduled.  New date and time to be announced shortly.

Amateur Bondage Group February 6


Amateur Bondage Group - Hogtied!

The Amateur Bondage Group met on February 6, and it was very well attended indeed!  Some regular faces and some new ones too!  Welcome to those who are new!

Members practiced their rope bondage on each other, learned some stuff and taught others what they have learned as well. Many are well on their way to being pretty proficient in rope bondage it looks like!  One subject was even put into a hogtie incorporating not just the usual method, but legs to crotch harness as well as wrists, and the hair tied back to the ankles as well!

Looking forward to the next group!

– Vanessa

ALCC on CJAD 800am RADIO TODAY at 10pm – Feb 3

Don’t miss Dr. Laurie Betito’s show TODAY on CJAD 800. The ALCC will be discussing Alternative Lifestyles!

February Schedule of Events for ALCCVA

Wed Feb 2

4–6pm Flogging 101 @ McGill University – Contessa Alura
3480 McTavish in the SSMU (Shatner) Building

Sun Feb 6

2–5pm Drop-in-Day @ ALCCVA
6–9pm Amateur Bondage Group @ ALCCVA

Wed Feb 9

7–8pm Ask a Lifestyle Swinger Workshop @ ALCCVA – Conrad & Max
9–10pm Inappropriate Inventions Workshop @ ALCCVA – Duke

Sat Feb 12

6–9pm Cross-Dressers Unite Group @ ALCCVA – Petal

Sun Feb 13

2:30–3:30pm Ask a Lifestyle Swinger Workshop @ ALCCVA – Conrad & Max
4:30–5:30pm Inappropriate Inventions Workshop @ ALCCVA – Duke

Wed Feb 16

7–8:30pm Intro to BDSM Etiquette Workshop @ ALCCVA – Lord Saxnot
9–10:30pm Beginners BDSM Safety Workshop @ ALCCVA – Lord Saxnot

Sun Feb 20

3–4:30pm Naked Yoga Exercise Group @ Mudraforce – 1412, rue Panet – H2L 2Z1
7–10pm Dark / Erotic Poetry Group @ ALCCVA – Luscious & Isis

Wed Feb 23

7–10pm Rope Bondage 101 Workshop @ ALCCVA – Lord Saxnot

Sat Feb 26

1–4pm Dungeon Monitor Training Course @ ALCCVA – Lord Saxnot

Sun Feb 27

2–5pm Rope Bondage 101 Workshop @ ALCCVA – Lord Saxnot
7–10pm Leather Lifestyles Group @ ALCCVA – Sir Kira & Restrikt

ALCCVA Address: 417-4200 blvd St Laurent – Montreal, QC – H2W 2R2
Phone: (514) 214-9046 Website: Email:

Member in “Hot Girls Magazine” for January Edition

Hot Girls Magazine Jan 2011

A member of the ALCCVA team is part of the feature in “Hot Girls Magazine” for January 2011!  Vanessa has a bio on her as well as photos featured on it!