ALCC on CJAD 800am RADIO TODAY at 10pm – Feb 3

Don’t miss Dr. Laurie Betito’s show TODAY on CJAD 800. The ALCC will be discussing Alternative Lifestyles!

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  1. Hello to all

    I ‘ve heard today that the Dr. Laurie Betito’s show on CJAD 800 was about alternative lifestyle and that some members of the ALCCVA would be on the show. Well I am glad to have listened to the show because Contessa_Alura, Sadisfaction and Petal made a great impression. They were all very articulate and interesting. Since I am a sub, I was particularly interested about hearing from the Contessa. I guess I ‘ll have to go to the Center very soon to meet Her and learn more about BDSM. Again BRAVO to you three and I hope that you will again be on that show to talk about those activities and lifestyles that we like so much.

    • Well thank you for the positive feedback! You got your wish… you can hear us on the air monthly on the Dr Laurie show, CJAD 800! However, no matter how lovely you think my voice is, it can never replace me so you should definitely come to the centre for real-time conversation. We look forward to meeting you!
      – Contessa Alura

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