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Bondage school?

The Bondage 201 workshop was a follow up to the Bondage 101.  We started with a review of the knots and rope tricks learned in the first one.  We then practiced a bit.  After that he did a demo on how to use the different knots to tie someone in a hogtie.  A very good workshop.

– Gilles, Translations

A Face on a Book?

If you’re like the millions (or is it billions now lol!) out there who are on Facebook then check out our Facebook page!  So head on over to it and “like” us!

Keep up to date, participate in discussions, and maybe even get to know some of the people!

– Vanessa,

Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group – March 20



We were treated to some fascinating readings at the latest Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group. Clov brought one of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories to life with humour and observations. We also had some new attendees read some quite amazing work of their own. I never cease to be astonished by the quality of the writing that we hear at this group.
Luscious brought some wonderfully erotic literature. And she truly does have a fantastic reading voice. I felt so inspired, I might try my own hand at writing some poetry to share.
– Petal

Sadist Faction Fundraiser at Maître Ex – Thank you

A GREAT event thanks to EVERYONE!!! Sadist Faction donated a grand total of $500 to the ALCC. Woo hoo… we will be getting banners made now and our next DM/PM training course is FREE!!!

I would like to thank a few people that were particularly helpful to me: Vanessa, Gilles, Abbey, Petal, Saxnot, Memsab and Vid.

I’d also like to extend a special thank you to a few guests that did remarkable things or their presence was unexpected and appreciated: Erzulie and hubby, Frank and Jade, Drake, Argaive, Alanah, David, and Yaan.

We very much appreciate the attendance and thank all of you wonderful guests and of course all the people who volunteered, staffed, or helped Sadist Faction organize this event!

Okay, without lessening any of the other great acts last night, I really have to mention one in particular not only because it was great, but it happens to be a hardcore fetish for me… Miss Hell Kitty and Miss Irony blew me away… French Maids get me everytime!

Of course a million other thanks are in order so if we missed you, thank you! Of course we are eternally grateful to Maitre Ex and Sadist Faction himself for making this event possible and his generous donation!!!

– Contessa Alura

BDSM newbies; listen and learn…


Lord Saxnot delivered both the BDSM for Beginners and the BDSM Etiquette classes entirely in French as the majority of our attendees happened to be francophone. This was both a positive and welcomed surprise.

I’m so very happy to say that we welcomed three new people, one of which was very nervous and uncertain about how to get back into the BDSM community after being out for an extremely long time and wonderfully changed her feelings by the end, and two others were vanilla folk who had come simply to learn more. One was in disbelief as to why anyone would want to be into BDSM and while she didn’t change her mind by the end, she did have a better understanding and perhaps less judgement. The other was definitely intrigued and I am certain we will see her again.

I’m happy with the kinds of questions that were asked and Stephen’s great job of guiding newbies into the right kinds of habits before getting into things too deeply. Some of them are safety calls, asking for and checking references, and though a simple concept one that is not used as well as should be, nothing ever needs to be done immediately. Take your time!

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Luscious for her regular attendance at almost all the workshops lately. It is so nice to see you and know that you are eagerly enjoying all the centre has to offer. Not to mention running a wonderful group (Dark Imaginings)!

– Contessa Alura

Yoga is better naked! – Mar 13


I guess I haven’t been very good at writing about naked yoga. Perhaps I want to keep it a secret… after all; I am NAKED at this workshop!!!

No, the truth is that you don’t even realize you’re naked after the first 15 minutes. However, I won’t lie and say it’s never awkward. There are those few positions that make you feel quite exposed lol.

I must say that I have benefited so much from this experience in my health and wellbeing for the actual exercise itself, but also the freedom it has given me in my body and image. It doesn’t really matter what anyone looks like and frankly, no-one is comparing. It’s wonderful to be completely free without any inhibition and reason to be self-conscious. You can’t feel that until you do it, until you actually get out of your box and try it because it’s only after participating that you can feel or understand it.

I’m also very grateful to those who have been attending regularly with me. I feel that we are a nice group and we can laugh and joke about our awkwardness to the point where you feel close and connected, even naked!

We are in the process of trying to make this a regular weekly activity but it is hard to schedule… I will do my best!

Thanks to David from Mudraforce for adding this extra course to his schedule just for the ALCC! Hugs!!!

– Contessa Alura

Don’t confuse CBT with CPR! – 03/12/11

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As usual we had a fantastic group for the First Aid CPR course, and tons of laughs. The instructor is becoming more and more comfortable and familiar with the centre and even slipped out some hilariously kinky jokes. He seems to know us a little too well these days, scary!

Of course everyone learned something new even though many of us were doing the course as a refresher. Happily everyone participated and deeply enjoyed the time we shared.

A few interesting points; a triangular bandage is useful for everything and costs less to buy than to make, patting someone on the back or offering them water when they’re chocking are NO NO’s! It’s old wives tales and has the opposite effect, it can actually deeper lodge whatever may be caught.

Thanks again to Bob Greene from Lifelink for offering this wonderful course. Stay posted in the future for the really in-depth full day standard training with certification.

Contessa Alura,

Director of Education

Spice up your Scrabble game!!!

   Bored with your usual Scrabble game? I suggest playing BDSM Scrabble. You can only use words that relate to BDSM.

It’s a lot harder than you might think. There’s only one K in the whole game and you’d need a blank for Kick and Kinky… it does limit you.

As well, it’s fun arguing over what can be accepted or not!

For those who simply cannot handle so much challenge, how about kinky words give you a double score?

– Contessa Alura,

Director of Education

Radical Queer Semaine Conference “Educating Sexualities” March 10

Radical Queer Semaine 2011

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On Thursday, March 10, the ALCC attended the Radical Queer Semaine 2011 conference “Educating Sexualities”.  The panel included Michel Dorais (Dead Boys Can’t Dance), Plan Q (MYCAH, PolitiQ, ASSÉ and La Centrale), Head & Hands (Sense Project) and Shelley Taylor (Venus Envy, Ottawa). 
Being discussed was how there is so little sex education in the schools now in Quebec, and what could be done to encourage more of it and for it to be far more diverse than it was and is. Without educating on sex, the different sexualities and different gender identities, we risk the youth not having the knowledge and understanding that they would need in later life experiences.  It was a very well attended conference, with many great ideas and discussions.
The ALCC had material available about the centre and alternative lifestyles, and made some great contacts with not just those on the panel but many within the queer community.
The Radical Queer Semaine has many interesting activities going until March 20th, more here, and do feel free to attend what you can!
Secretary & Facebook Group Admin

Getting tied up?!

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Last Sunday’s bondage practice group was another great success.  We had a good group of people showing up.  Some practiced stuff learned in the Bondage 101 workshop and some with books.  Some practiced in pairs and some as a group.  But everyone was busy trying out new things.  Looking forward to the next one on the second Sunday of each month. 
Enjoy our wicked photos. We can’t believe how fast this group has taken off!
Translation Coordinator