Don’t confuse CBT with CPR! – 03/12/11

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As usual we had a fantastic group for the First Aid CPR course, and tons of laughs. The instructor is becoming more and more comfortable and familiar with the centre and even slipped out some hilariously kinky jokes. He seems to know us a little too well these days, scary!

Of course everyone learned something new even though many of us were doing the course as a refresher. Happily everyone participated and deeply enjoyed the time we shared.

A few interesting points; a triangular bandage is useful for everything and costs less to buy than to make, patting someone on the back or offering them water when they’re chocking are NO NO’s! It’s old wives tales and has the opposite effect, it can actually deeper lodge whatever may be caught.

Thanks again to Bob Greene from Lifelink for offering this wonderful course. Stay posted in the future for the really in-depth full day standard training with certification.

Contessa Alura,

Director of Education

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