Yoga is better naked! – Mar 13


I guess I haven’t been very good at writing about naked yoga. Perhaps I want to keep it a secret… after all; I am NAKED at this workshop!!!

No, the truth is that you don’t even realize you’re naked after the first 15 minutes. However, I won’t lie and say it’s never awkward. There are those few positions that make you feel quite exposed lol.

I must say that I have benefited so much from this experience in my health and wellbeing for the actual exercise itself, but also the freedom it has given me in my body and image. It doesn’t really matter what anyone looks like and frankly, no-one is comparing. It’s wonderful to be completely free without any inhibition and reason to be self-conscious. You can’t feel that until you do it, until you actually get out of your box and try it because it’s only after participating that you can feel or understand it.

I’m also very grateful to those who have been attending regularly with me. I feel that we are a nice group and we can laugh and joke about our awkwardness to the point where you feel close and connected, even naked!

We are in the process of trying to make this a regular weekly activity but it is hard to schedule… I will do my best!

Thanks to David from Mudraforce for adding this extra course to his schedule just for the ALCC! Hugs!!!

– Contessa Alura

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