Sadist Faction Fundraiser at Maître Ex – Thank you

A GREAT event thanks to EVERYONE!!! Sadist Faction donated a grand total of $500 to the ALCC. Woo hoo… we will be getting banners made now and our next DM/PM training course is FREE!!!

I would like to thank a few people that were particularly helpful to me: Vanessa, Gilles, Abbey, Petal, Saxnot, Memsab and Vid.

I’d also like to extend a special thank you to a few guests that did remarkable things or their presence was unexpected and appreciated: Erzulie and hubby, Frank and Jade, Drake, Argaive, Alanah, David, and Yaan.

We very much appreciate the attendance and thank all of you wonderful guests and of course all the people who volunteered, staffed, or helped Sadist Faction organize this event!

Okay, without lessening any of the other great acts last night, I really have to mention one in particular not only because it was great, but it happens to be a hardcore fetish for me… Miss Hell Kitty and Miss Irony blew me away… French Maids get me everytime!

Of course a million other thanks are in order so if we missed you, thank you! Of course we are eternally grateful to Maitre Ex and Sadist Faction himself for making this event possible and his generous donation!!!

– Contessa Alura

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  1. It was a blast! To those who missed it, you missed a GREAT event!!!!

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