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Why We Need a New C-389

As many know, Bill C-389 has died in the Senate with the election call. Thus, we now need to start working on getting it re-introduced.


Perhaps this image will give an idea.

This is a photo taken of me after I was physically assaulted in Richmond, Quebec, in 2006, for no other reason than being transsexual.  You cannot see the damage they did to my hair – twisted literally into a knot that I had no choice but to cut it off. And the nailer? It was ME who got a ticket for “violence in public” for *defending myself*!

Also bring in the latest – a transwoman being attacked by two women in a McDonalds restaurant in Baltimore, while McDonalds employees FILMED it and ENCOURAGED them on.

This MUST change, and as someone who has been assaulted for being transsexual, I urge you to vote for a party that will encourage a law protecting gender identity, and treating such acts as a hate crime. Not one Conservative voted in favour, all the NDP and Bloc did, and even some Liberal members voted against.

There is protection for people based on race, sexual orientation, etc, but none for gender identity, except, oddly enough – the military.

We must change this. ALL must have the same rights. As it stands, trans do not.

OOOOO!!! Latex!

Making Latex Seminar – April 24,2011:

I was looking forward to this seminar for a long time and I was not disappointed in the least! Jacques Arpin has a wonderful teaching style, humorous and open. He was enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and we were equally enthusiastic in learning. He covered so much information, it was impressive. We all had the chance to try our hands at making a latex seam – there were smiles all around at our handiwork!

– petal

Yay for food and friends!

ALCC Potluck, April 23, 2011:

Soon, we will be having our potlucks outdoors again. But certainly not this rainy day! So indoors we discussed several Alternative Lifestyle topics and enjoyed some fresh Samosas, brought by yours truly. But variety being the spice of life, and since this is the THIRD time I’ve brought this same food…point well taken. Next time, I’ll bring something new. Thanks for the great conversation  everybody. From travel to BDSM to relationships. Potluck conversation always goes in interesting directions.

– petal

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough

Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group – April 17, 2011:

“Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough…” I actually know and love some poetry. But don’t get enough time to read and enjoy literature. Which is one reason I am thankful for this Group. Luscious is such a lover of literature, and has such a fine eye for erotic literature in particular. Life is short, we all need to take the time to enjoy the pleasures of the written and spoken word.

– petal

Buy premade latex wear? Why? Make it yourself!


We had a big turnout for this workshop on working with latex.  The main focus was on making your own latex garments.
   Jacques, who’s very knowlageable on the subject started out by asking why each participant came to the workshop.  He then started by explaining security measures you need to do when working with latex, including the fact that you are working with volatile chemicals.  He then gave a list of required material needed to work on latex including the different types of glue and solvants.  He explained patterns, how to adjust standard patterns for latex and the different types of patterns (loose fitting, etc).  He also talked about molded latex garments but doesn’t recommend them because of the way they are made.
   After this he went into hands-on work including how to do the seams, glue pieces of latex together etc.  Which was mostly he second part of the workshop.
   There was also a lot of information exchanged between the participants.  An excellent workshop.  For those who missed it on wednesday you can still attend the one sunday afternoon on the 24th at 2pm.

Bondage mountain – Apr13

A FULL HOUSE for this bondage workshop, we almost had to sit people on top of one another.
There was a great deal of action and of course tying everywhere.
Join us next month for beginners bondage but check the schedule for details about our new policy changes.

– Contessa Alura

Are you tied up?!


Due to the beautiful day we had, four people showed up at last night’s amateur bondage group, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun!

Shayla71 was nice enough to volunteer to be tied up while Andrew, Robert and I were practicing rope techniques on her. At some point in the evening I volunteered to be tied up and Shayla71 took advantage of the situation…LOL

Looking forward to seeing you there next month.

Lord Daniel

Trans Unite!

The crossdresser group has become the new ‘Trans Unite Group’, addressing issues of interest to Trans people (CD, TS, M2F, F2M, transitioning, all trans). We face many of the same issues and we can learn from the perspectives of each other. Again, we had new faces and new experiences to learn from. Vanessa gave some great advice on safety that we all learned from. Thanks again Vanessa, for co-leading this group… we have new challenges and new possibilities!
 – petal

Man oh Man!

Frank Kermit ( has joined the ALCC, and we are proud to have him on board. His new support group is off to a strong start, offering support to anyone who identifies as male. Frank offered invaluable knowledge on how to find new partners and build relationships. His expertise was eaglerly welcomed by all attendees and the dynamic in the group was energizing. Frank has so much to teach and is truly a great communicator.
 – petal

Hmmmm…. Maybe Naked Yoga is a Great Idea!

In today’s Montreal Gazette.

So maybe the popular Naked Yoga is a grrrrreat idea!!!

– Vanessa, Secretary