A Tribute to Great Whip Masters!

It was a very nice turn-out for Master Andre, MsV and Domino. They all offered a marvelous and extremely educational workshop that extended from crafting whips, cracking whips, to whip techniques for players. I had my personal bull-whip hand crafted and custom made for me by Master Andre himself, so I was happy to show it off.
I was also impressed by Domino, a whip enthusiast from Boston who came all the way to Montreal to offer his skills. He is a great collector and a great workshop coordinator. I enjoyed listening meeting and learning from him.
I’m also extremely happy that a new group has been formed by MsV called Whip Connaseurs – http://fetlife.com/groups/31221. They are only on Fetlife at the moment but a great way to get into the sport of whips and single tails. Apparently there is quite a movement in the US.
Thank you to Vid for organizing this event and a special thank you to Conrad and Maxim for their generous offering of the beautiful Royal Penthouse space for this great seminar!
Contessa Alura
Director of Education

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  1. it was a great workshop indeed

  2. it was a great workshop indeed

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