Hmmmm…. Maybe Naked Yoga is a Great Idea!

In today’s Montreal Gazette.

So maybe the popular Naked Yoga is a grrrrreat idea!!!

– Vanessa, Secretary

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  1. curious female

    So as a female I finally summoned up the courage after a stiff drink to try the Naked Yoga class with my male friend
    I was quite nervous and unsure for the first 10 minutes or so. I found the instructor to be very professional and discreet. His instruction as he guided us through the various poses was fantastic.The studio was warm and inviting and there were no mirrors (thank gawd -I think I would have needed another drink) .The other males in the class did not stare or try to steal glances my way so it helped to ease my initial discomfort by the end we were all joking and groaning our way through some of the final poses.

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