Daily Archives: April 21, 2011

Buy premade latex wear? Why? Make it yourself!


We had a big turnout for this workshop on working with latex.  The main focus was on making your own latex garments.
   Jacques, who’s very knowlageable on the subject started out by asking why each participant came to the workshop.  He then started by explaining security measures you need to do when working with latex, including the fact that you are working with volatile chemicals.  He then gave a list of required material needed to work on latex including the different types of glue and solvants.  He explained patterns, how to adjust standard patterns for latex and the different types of patterns (loose fitting, etc).  He also talked about molded latex garments but doesn’t recommend them because of the way they are made.
   After this he went into hands-on work including how to do the seams, glue pieces of latex together etc.  Which was mostly he second part of the workshop.
   There was also a lot of information exchanged between the participants.  An excellent workshop.  For those who missed it on wednesday you can still attend the one sunday afternoon on the 24th at 2pm.