Why We Need a New C-389

As many know, Bill C-389 has died in the Senate with the election call. Thus, we now need to start working on getting it re-introduced.


Perhaps this image will give an idea.

This is a photo taken of me after I was physically assaulted in Richmond, Quebec, in 2006, for no other reason than being transsexual.  You cannot see the damage they did to my hair – twisted literally into a knot that I had no choice but to cut it off. And the nailer? It was ME who got a ticket for “violence in public” for *defending myself*!

Also bring in the latest – a transwoman being attacked by two women in a McDonalds restaurant in Baltimore, while McDonalds employees FILMED it and ENCOURAGED them on.

This MUST change, and as someone who has been assaulted for being transsexual, I urge you to vote for a party that will encourage a law protecting gender identity, and treating such acts as a hate crime. Not one Conservative voted in favour, all the NDP and Bloc did, and even some Liberal members voted against.

There is protection for people based on race, sexual orientation, etc, but none for gender identity, except, oddly enough – the military.

We must change this. ALL must have the same rights. As it stands, trans do not.

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  1. Maitre Corbeau

    Terribly wrong. Violence of this type is comparable to human rights violation of the worst type, as we witness daily in developing countries. In Canada, this is totally unacceptable, and should be prosecuted as hate crimes of the worst kind. Disgusting. Violence in public, is something of this nature was ever to happened again i suggest you get some organization to step in. In my view martial art self defence is a must as well. No one should be victimize for his sexual orientation.

    • Sadly, until we get a new bill introduced, being transsexual or any other form of gender identity/expression is not protected, and not treated as a hate crime. I could not even go after the attackers if I could even identify them (I blacked out) because they did not attack for my sexual orientation, but for my gender identity/expression. For being transsexual, not bisexual.

      I am well trained to defend myself, from the Canadian Forces, but a surprise attack by I do not know how many is hard to defend against. I do know I fought back, my hands were swollen from hitting back and I had blood splatter on me that was not consistent with my wounds but that of another.

      The Surete du Quebec didn’t care. And when Princess (my spouse) and I were threatened in our own apartment a few months later they didn’t care either, they just wanted to leave.

  2. What has happened here is monstrous, though it does indeed seem like you fought to defend yourself and in doing that, that one “Inch”. You’d have to read my blog to understand that comment I guess. I have dedicated a post to what has happened to you. Blessed recovery and Godspeed.


    • I fought, but sadly don’t know how bad I fought back (blackout, and with so many fights in that town and area it would have been impossible to figure out just by marks). I’ll link to your blog via my personal one (it’s a really wide variety).

      Gender identity/expression has to be protected by law, until then not everyone in Canada is equal.

  3. Well, whilst I don’t get a vote in Canada, I still believe that every voice or expression against hate crime anywhere has value, mine being no different.
    I’ll be a new subscriber by virtue of this page and your courage in confronting this hideous aspect of so called “civilised” society.

    A formative part of some educational project work has already looked at addressing acceptance of diversity through http://www.kinkmate.com. Formative though it may currently be, the kind of incidents above, which are undeniable, indicate that progress ertainly needs to be made and it will continue to work on education and awareness as positive action towards change.
    Full contact details are available on the (under development) site, contributions will be well received and links to any constructive or valuable resources more than welcome

    Email: Info@KinkMate.Com

    Personally, I have nothing but admiration for your efforts here to confront matters in such a manner, I applaud your bravery.

    Jonnie Boy

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