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Great turn-out for SLUT WALK!!!

Absolutely GREAT turn-out. I am very happy that so many people took this seriously and came out to support.

The shows at The Drugstore aftewards were incredible. Truly artistic, at time freaky, the horse show was totally creepy and yet so interesting at the same time, and the sexy puppet tango took the cake…. way to go for the fabulous choreography and hard work that went into the Madonna tribute.

Remember out there, a person dressed sexy or slutty provides wonderful eye candy and honking or whistling might be okay, but it is not consent or an open invitation to touch or violate them.

Use your common sense, be respectful, enjoy the eye candy and remind others that no-one is EVER asking for violation or rape just because they are dressed like a slut!

– CA

Wax on, Wax off!

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Contessa Alura gave a wonderful workshop on Wax Play today. She had a live demonstration of wax play techniques, interspersed with fascinating insights, tips and Contessa Alura’s sense of fun! Her lucky demonstration person experienced wax play for the first time, and certainly seemed delighted with it.

I was particularly impressed with how much we learned about the psychology of wax play from the point of view of both the top and the bottom. I really felt we were getting the kind of knowledge which only a few are privy to. You’ve got to admit that wax play is pretty cool. We saw a range of interactions: from sensual, to domination types of wax play.

While mindful of the safety and feelings of her demo person, Contessa Alura explained the entire process to the attendees. One thing that really strikes me about wax play, is that there is a real artistic aspect to it. Contessa used her subject to create wax designs with candle drippings. She also explained how the heat of the wax is used to create various sensations and feelings. In wax play, the canvas truly is the human body and mind.

– petal

Parkin’ It!

On Saturday, May 28th, the ALCC had it’s first “Potluck in the Park” of the summer.  Threatened by rain, we thought we would have to hold it indoors again, but the rain held off! Who says you can’t beat Mother Nature at least once lol!

There was good food, good friends, good chat all around.  From smoked meat to strawberries and much in between, the potluck was simply *fab*!  Mmmmm…. pasta salad!  {insert Homer Simpsonesque drool here!}  And cookies too!

It was great to sit in the park, eat some great nosh, chat about so many different things, and just enjoy the afternoon/evening and the company. Quite a few made it!  If you haven’t attended one yet, you should! 

Looking forward to the next one! 😀

– Vanessa, ALCC Secretary

Join the ALCC at “SLUT WALK” – dressing sexy is NOT an invitation to be violated!!!

The ALCC will be marching with our banner to support this very important message. Join us for the special show happening afterwards.

We will be marching on St Catherine street starting from Peace Park (corner of St Laurent and Rene Levesque).

Come whenever you can and find the banner.

Check the links for details:!/event.php?eid=206611176030872\

Fetishism? Heck ya! Gotta Explore That!!!

 An interesting workshop

   An interesting workshop about fetishism given by Clove Saffron.  His well researched material on fetishism was interesting to listen too.  He explained the original definition of fetish and how it has evolved today.  He provided a few quick exercises to the participants to help illustrate what could be considered fetishism.  A good workshop.

– Gilles

Ties That Bind

A small group of bondage enthusiast

The last bondage practice groups had a small turn-out with only Rob and “Still” showing up.  I guess the weather had something to do with that and the fact that we moved the evening because of Mother’s Day the week before.

But even with a small group it was interesting to listen to “Still” explaining what he’s been doing to make rope out of jute.  He explained the different process he used to make the rope softer.  After that they wanted to try a rope corset so I ended up being the rope bunny for that.


Literature Can Be HOT!

Dark and Erotic Imaginings – May 22,2011
Another soul-satisfying Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group! A great variety of poetry and prose. It is so fascinating to hear someone read their own writings. I was deeply impressed with the creativity of everyone in the group. Isis, the evening’s group leader, shows so much enthusiasm and genuine feeling… those positive feelings spread throughout the group. Everyone read and listened with such openness, it was a joy to be there. I am getting more and more inspired to try my own hand at writing. One continuing hit is anything written by Evelyn Lau. She definitely received the Dark and Erotic Imaginings “Seal of Approval”!  As well as Anne Rice writing as “A.N. Roquelaure” – ie the “Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty”!
– petal

Contessa Alura infiltrated the Man’s Group – SECRETS REVEALED!

Interestingly, I somehow managed to infiltrate the “Man’s Group” and now I have some juicy inside info into dudes and what they talk about in these private groups…
Actually, I have nothing lol.  Men talk about the same issues women talk about. And trans men or women, and queers  have the same issues to talk about as well. We all have relationship issues, or lack-thereof relationship issues lol.
Truthfully, I thought the group was over and went in to sit down and only realized as men were coming back from the bathroom that I was not supposed to be there. Frank asked me to stay and to feel comfortable to ask any questions that I might have. I had more than I thought.
I’m really happy I had the chance to participate in this group because I left feeling like I had actually gotten some reasonable, rational, useful, positive, and most of all, solution potential advice. I intend to try the proposed strategy and see how it helps.
Happily, I will even be able to come back to the group to tell Frank how well it worked or how it didn’t and I need more advice, because he has changed the group. He will open to group to all persons, all genders and identities, sexual orientations, and relationship structures. This way all people can discuss relationship challenges.
The new class will take the place of the Man’s group and will now be called the “Relationship Management Group” offered every Friday from 7-10pm at the ALCC.
– Contessa Alura

Leather and Men and Spanking, Oh My!

 Black Kocktail

 BlackKocktail Benefit event for Mr Leather Montreal 2011 : – May 13
$1800 was raised for Danny Godbout, Mr Leather Montreal 2011 –  What a fabulous night filled with so many great times and great people. ACCM (AIDS Community Care Montreal) was there to present the “BDSM: Safer Kinky Sex” booklet originally designed and written by ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto). This important and informative booklet will be available for free at the ALCC or you can download it online at This booklet teaches you how to reduce the risks of sexually transmitted infections and diseases when engaging in BDSM.

REZO (Community-based organization promoting health and well-being for gay and bisexual men in Montreal) was also there to show their support. It didn’t take us long to start building great ideas and projects for the future. After a few laughs and spanks, REZO asked the ALCC to offer BDSM workshops to their community in the coming months. Stay posted for details!

Thank you to THE Richard for coming out on behalf of the ALCC and putting his “butt” on the line for us running the spanking booth. Also, a big thank you to Gislene for organizing this event and to all the volunteers, participants, and friends who helped make it a huge success.

Contessa Alura
Director of Education

ALCC On Dr Laurie – Trans Issues (trans? whazzat? my transmission? you talkin’ cars now?!?)

No, not issues related to your cars transmission, but the issues that face those in the trans community, be they crossdresser, transsexual, transgenderist, gender queer, gender fluid, etc.

The show on CJAD on the 11th of May focused on trans issues, and present were Contessa Alura, petal, Vanessa, and Gabrielle from the 211o Gender Advocacy Center.  Dr Laurie already has knowledge of these issues, and that was a great help in the show. 

Starting off was petal, discussing how it is to be a crossdresser, what “drove” him to crossdress, why he does, who knows, and the issues that he faces being a crossdresser.  This was very enlightening to even those of us there. Far too many have misconceptions about those who crossdress, and petal did a great job trying to dispel those myths (ie CD’s are “gay”, they “want to be women full time”, etc etc)

Next was Vanessa (me! lol!), discussing her story, and the issues she faces.  Starting off with how she came out, she talked also about when she knew she was “different”, how she approached this as a youth, how she approached the army in coming out, being assaulted physically simply for being transsexual, why we need legal protection for gender identity, and as well the misconceptions about transsexuals. As well as what a TS can face daily.

Gabrielle talked about the 2110 Center, and touched on the two above issues, adding some very very valid points.  Her expertise was a great help in this show. She also touched on the fact that the 2110 also has a needle exchange and a program for the FTM (Female To Males) that require binders (to hide the breasts). More for sure will be coming on the 2110!!!

All in all a great show! And… if you missed it… it can be heard here! So give it a listen!