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Contessa Alura infiltrated the Man’s Group – SECRETS REVEALED!

Interestingly, I somehow managed to infiltrate the “Man’s Group” and now I have some juicy inside info into dudes and what they talk about in these private groups…
Actually, I have nothing lol.  Men talk about the same issues women talk about. And trans men or women, and queers  have the same issues to talk about as well. We all have relationship issues, or lack-thereof relationship issues lol.
Truthfully, I thought the group was over and went in to sit down and only realized as men were coming back from the bathroom that I was not supposed to be there. Frank asked me to stay and to feel comfortable to ask any questions that I might have. I had more than I thought.
I’m really happy I had the chance to participate in this group because I left feeling like I had actually gotten some reasonable, rational, useful, positive, and most of all, solution potential advice. I intend to try the proposed strategy and see how it helps.
Happily, I will even be able to come back to the group to tell Frank how well it worked or how it didn’t and I need more advice, because he has changed the group. He will open to group to all persons, all genders and identities, sexual orientations, and relationship structures. This way all people can discuss relationship challenges.
The new class will take the place of the Man’s group and will now be called the “Relationship Management Group” offered every Friday from 7-10pm at the ALCC.
– Contessa Alura

Leather and Men and Spanking, Oh My!

 Black Kocktail

 BlackKocktail Benefit event for Mr Leather Montreal 2011 : – May 13
$1800 was raised for Danny Godbout, Mr Leather Montreal 2011 –  What a fabulous night filled with so many great times and great people. ACCM (AIDS Community Care Montreal) was there to present the “BDSM: Safer Kinky Sex” booklet originally designed and written by ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto). This important and informative booklet will be available for free at the ALCC or you can download it online at http://actoronto.org/bdsm. This booklet teaches you how to reduce the risks of sexually transmitted infections and diseases when engaging in BDSM.

REZO (Community-based organization promoting health and well-being for gay and bisexual men in Montreal) was also there to show their support. It didn’t take us long to start building great ideas and projects for the future. After a few laughs and spanks, REZO asked the ALCC to offer BDSM workshops to their community in the coming months. Stay posted for details!

Thank you to THE Richard for coming out on behalf of the ALCC and putting his “butt” on the line for us running the spanking booth. Also, a big thank you to Gislene for organizing this event and to all the volunteers, participants, and friends who helped make it a huge success.

Contessa Alura
Director of Education