Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Fetishism? Heck ya! Gotta Explore That!!!

 An interesting workshop

   An interesting workshop about fetishism given by Clove Saffron.  His well researched material on fetishism was interesting to listen too.  He explained the original definition of fetish and how it has evolved today.  He provided a few quick exercises to the participants to help illustrate what could be considered fetishism.  A good workshop.

– Gilles

Ties That Bind

A small group of bondage enthusiast

The last bondage practice groups had a small turn-out with only Rob and “Still” showing up.  I guess the weather had something to do with that and the fact that we moved the evening because of Mother’s Day the week before.

But even with a small group it was interesting to listen to “Still” explaining what he’s been doing to make rope out of jute.  He explained the different process he used to make the rope softer.  After that they wanted to try a rope corset so I ended up being the rope bunny for that.


Literature Can Be HOT!

Dark and Erotic Imaginings – May 22,2011
Another soul-satisfying Dark and Erotic Imaginings Group! A great variety of poetry and prose. It is so fascinating to hear someone read their own writings. I was deeply impressed with the creativity of everyone in the group. Isis, the evening’s group leader, shows so much enthusiasm and genuine feeling… those positive feelings spread throughout the group. Everyone read and listened with such openness, it was a joy to be there. I am getting more and more inspired to try my own hand at writing. One continuing hit is anything written by Evelyn Lau. She definitely received the Dark and Erotic Imaginings “Seal of Approval”!  As well as Anne Rice writing as “A.N. Roquelaure” – ie the “Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty”!
– petal