Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

Great turn-out for SLUT WALK!!!

Absolutely GREAT turn-out. I am very happy that so many people took this seriously and came out to support.

The shows at The Drugstore aftewards were incredible. Truly artistic, at time freaky, the horse show was totally creepy and yet so interesting at the same time, and the sexy puppet tango took the cake…. way to go for the fabulous choreography and hard work that went into the Madonna tribute.

Remember out there, a person dressed sexy or slutty provides wonderful eye candy and honking or whistling might be okay, but it is not consent or an open invitation to touch or violate them.

Use your common sense, be respectful, enjoy the eye candy and remind others that no-one is EVER asking for violation or rape just because they are dressed like a slut!

– CA

Wax on, Wax off!

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Contessa Alura gave a wonderful workshop on Wax Play today. She had a live demonstration of wax play techniques, interspersed with fascinating insights, tips and Contessa Alura’s sense of fun! Her lucky demonstration person experienced wax play for the first time, and certainly seemed delighted with it.

I was particularly impressed with how much we learned about the psychology of wax play from the point of view of both the top and the bottom. I really felt we were getting the kind of knowledge which only a few are privy to. You’ve got to admit that wax play is pretty cool. We saw a range of interactions: from sensual, to domination types of wax play.

While mindful of the safety and feelings of her demo person, Contessa Alura explained the entire process to the attendees. One thing that really strikes me about wax play, is that there is a real artistic aspect to it. Contessa used her subject to create wax designs with candle drippings. She also explained how the heat of the wax is used to create various sensations and feelings. In wax play, the canvas truly is the human body and mind.

– petal