Monthly Archives: May 2011

Learning the Ropes!

Rope Bondage 101 – April 17, 2011:

Though fascinated and in awe of rope, I am admittedly not talented when it comes to knots. But finally, I have come to gain more and more insights into this wonderful form of bondage. Lord Saxnot gave everyone in the class great hints and tips which helped turn our interest into practical knowledge. Yay Rope!

– petal

Droppin’ on in!

Drop in Day at the ALCC- May Day!
What a beautiful day in the neighbourhood… and a great drop in day. Super friendly and great people came by the ALCC to talk and relax. The bake sale to support our Leather Lifestyle friends went well. Contessa Alura made some delicious cupcakes & there were cookies and other treats on hand. In addition, a great ally from the Gender Advocacy 2110 Centre showed up. She was very enthusiastic about our organization, as we are about hers. There will definitely be a great partnership between our centres. A great day all around!
– petal


April 24 – Non-Monogamy Group
Non-Monogamy is certainly a big topic. There are various ways of experiencing this alternative lifestlyle, but having a venue where people can bring their own perspectives will be of great value. People are people and communication and making sure needs are met, are common things that need to be addressed.
– petal

Learning to be a man

April 23 – Man’s Group
Frank’s Man’s Group is going strong after the second meeting already. A friendly and open group were very receptive to Frank’s knowledge and experience in giving relationship advice. For any man in a relationship, or looking to be in one, or not…I highly recommend this group.
– petal