There’s nothing better than a naked man wearing a bow-tie serving you wine

Why do they pick Clov’s workshop to smoke us the frick out and then add a drillhammer upstairs since he’s got the softest voice of anyone I know??? Blasted!
Well we did hear Clov in between the hammering and I was thrilled with the subject. Clov has a deep passion for being forced to strip naked in front of women and serve them while they sit dressed in their best … feeling the flush in his face and body, he enjoys the embarassement. And so do I.
He actually asked me to participate by asking me a few questions. Most of
the men in the room were obviously enjoying the workshop but way to scared to
talk about it. One guy was brave enough to admit he was into it but the truth is
still apparent, why would you go to a “Clothed Female, Naked Male” workshop
unless you were into it lol.
The photos Clov shared were truly the best and I had a smile permanently
fixed on my face the entire time!
If you missed this workshop you have one last chance to catch it this
Sunday! Check the schedule for details.
– Contessa Alura, Director of Education

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