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Everyone has a different opinion about making home made rope! – ABG (Amateur Bondage Group)

ABG does not seem to get the close to 19 people we used to get previously. For the last few months the numbers have been dwindling.  Any ideas why?

We had our usuals today, thankfully, and though there were enough of us to partner, for one reason or another we all did bondage on ourselves. I did a little bondage with glovedsub too mind you lol.

It just seemed like we all wanted to do the tying. However, no matter how many times I attend, we always, always start with one of us trying to figure something out and the rest of the group taking on the problem to try to solve it. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Today, we didn’t lol.

As always, Still was happy to share about his rope making techniques and the boys shared their own tips and tricks.

I am so very happy that Still was not comfortable with some of his more larger rope and decided to donate A LOT of it to me!!! Yay! Thanks my dear, it will be well used I assure you.

On a final note, I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the generous financial contributions from the group today. I was touched when we counted our donations. Thank you very much for all your support!


Cyclo Nu / World Naked Bike Ride Montreal

Absolutely great ride! A big thanks to my partner in crime Vanessa, couldn’t have done it without u! To Petal for getting the team there! To Mo for trying hard to overcome and get naked, the effort counts! To Jeff who couldn’t make it because he didn’t have a bike but came down anyway and was willing to run! To Mario for having cheeks as white as mine! To Lily for giving me panties at the last minute! And finally to Amelia, the organizers, and all those who turned out!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get totally naked because of the swarm of photographers at the park. I need to be somewhat discreet and respectful for my job. If I didn’t have paparazzi up my ass every minute and could have blended more it would have been okay.

But I was there on my bike in support! There should have been many more people there, we were a really small group. Perhaps people didn’t really understand u could come clothed and support.

See you all next year!!!

Oh, check out this really awesome article Argaive posted: http://photography.argaive.com/journal/2011/06/journal-events-World_Nude_Bicycle_Ride_Montreal_2011.html

– Contessa Alura