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Paddling – Not your boat!

Paddling Workshop – July 12

Wow, what a turn-out! Seems more people are into this that it seems!!!

Even though I was the instructor I have to say I had a GREAT time. I really enjoyed this group of people, they were really easy going and fun and that’s not always the case. Sometimes I rely on my audience to guide me based on their responses or reactions to my questions. If I hear crickets, I get worried lol. None of that with this group.

Also, EVERYONE participated for the hands-on part. EVERYONE! That almost never happens because generally there aren’t partners and people are awkward with being that open with strangers. Imagine, PADDLING and everyone participated getting and giving. LOVED IT!

Just a small note, someone made a comment on my evaluation about something I said that hit a nerve as being an inappropriate us of language giving the kind of space we are at the ALCC… I just want to say to you, THANK YOU! You are totally right, no sooner had the word left my mouth then I realized what I had said lol. It does happen sometimes but I try to be VERY careful about those things so I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you pointed that out. You were RIGHT!

Thanks all for coming!

– Contessa Alura

New play monitors in Montreal, ready for action!

Play Monitor Training Seminar – July 12

We decided to offer a free members only training course for play monitoring for Against the Wall and Aids Community Care Montreal. We believe it’s important to maintain a standard in safety and provide trained people to deal with areas where there is BDSM play being offered. ATW is very active in wanting to uphold this type of positive, safe space at their parties and we were very happy to oblige.

We’re happy to report another 4 people have taken this course and are therefore going into the communities spreading their knowledge and offering their help to keep play areas safe and to care for players! That’s GREAT news!!!

IMPORTANT: We are offering this seminar again SATURDAY JULY 30th from 1-4PM. Please check our schedule for details, this is a new addition.

– Contessa Alura

We practice what we preach!

July 12

Peer Counciling

I’m finding it more and more important to take the time to meet with people who feel reservation about coming to the centre or chatting on the phone with those who made it to the building but ran away because the security guard was an unexpected scare.

I truly feel that the time I give for peer counciling not only makes a person feel more comfortable about the whole idea of the centre and encourages them to take the next step with confidence and support, but themselves as well. It also provides the ALCC with a positive reputation of caring about it’s members and doing the job we say we do rather than just advertising that we do.

Thanks to “Anonymous” for taking that huge step in contacting me and then sitting with me for coffee. I hope we meet again and I hope I brightened your day the way you did mine.

– Contessa Alura

Dr Laurie Radio Show – CJAD: Talking about Nudism/Naturism

July 6

Special thank you to Amelia and David for coming on and talking about nudism from their perspective. Also thanks to Dr Laurie Betito for having us on each month to discuss such important topics.

I was a little disappointed that my guests were very adamant about being clear they were not lifestyle nudists or into the lifestyle but advocates. However, I do understand their reservations about being labeled nudists since I’ve gone nude a few times and since then I’m labelled as such. It really puts me in a box when I live so much more. But I felt for the value of the show and the anonymity of being on radio they would not be so adamant about it.

On the other hand, they did a marvelous job discussing their own points. Amelia is a fabulous speaker and advocate of environmental awareness, and we are so fortunate to have her at the ALCC offering the Polyamory group! David is such an inspiration to others for maintaing a healthy lifestyle, looking at your body as wonderful and embracing it’s imperfections, and getting out there doing it lol. Mudraforce naked yoga people, it will be back at the ALCC by popular demand!

– Contessa Alura


Another Drop-in Day at the ALCC

July 3

Quiet it was but a new face is always a perfect way to brighten the mood. Thank you to Raphael at the Erotic Sex shop on St Catherine. He’s been spreading the word and handing out our business cards. We ask where people hear about us Raphael, so we know you’ve been doing a great service to us. We are grateful!

– Contessa Alura

Learn from others and save yourself from the mistakes they made!

BDSM for Beginners Workshop – July 3

We had a very diverse group of attendees for this workshop. Most actually knew the basics about BDSM but some did not know anything. It is truly inspiring to have so many new faces taking the decision to actually learn about BDSM BEFORE jumping into it or playing with others.

I’m feeling more confident about the direction people are beginning to take as beginners so I hope this spreads lol. In all of the BDSM for Beginners workshops I ask people to pass on the knowledge they learn in the class to others who are knew. To use the theory they have learned in practice to show others how they should behave.

Very few people are really taking the time to educate themselves so the people who attend have an advantage, more knowledge, and a new responsibility to share that with others!

Great questions folks and great answers!!!
– Contessa Alura