Dr Laurie Radio Show – CJAD: Talking about Nudism/Naturism

July 6

Special thank you to Amelia and David for coming on and talking about nudism from their perspective. Also thanks to Dr Laurie Betito for having us on each month to discuss such important topics.

I was a little disappointed that my guests were very adamant about being clear they were not lifestyle nudists or into the lifestyle but advocates. However, I do understand their reservations about being labeled nudists since I’ve gone nude a few times and since then I’m labelled as such. It really puts me in a box when I live so much more. But I felt for the value of the show and the anonymity of being on radio they would not be so adamant about it.

On the other hand, they did a marvelous job discussing their own points. Amelia is a fabulous speaker and advocate of environmental awareness, and we are so fortunate to have her at the ALCC offering the Polyamory group! David is such an inspiration to others for maintaing a healthy lifestyle, looking at your body as wonderful and embracing it’s imperfections, and getting out there doing it lol. Mudraforce naked yoga people, it will be back at the ALCC by popular demand!

– Contessa Alura


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  1. Hi! I am responding to your comments about Amelia and David on the Dr. Laurie Show. Excuse me if I am confused, but were you actually suggesting that your guests NOT mention that they are not lifestyle nudists for the sake of the show? In other words lie? I am sorry if I misunderstand your point, but I think it is pretty important that speakers on an “educational” program be honest. Why couldn’t you find some real lifestyle nudists to speak about it? I am sure there are many. I for one applaud the guests for being so “adamant” in their honesty.

    • I think that Alura could have found lifestyle nudists, but they were referred by someone else. If there is someone to blame, it is not her but the person that said “put them on”. Yes the guests were honest, and I applaud them too, but if left in the hands of the ALCC alone I am sure that they could have had some who were lifestyle. They were referred by someone who may be perhaps trying to sabotage. No names, no pack drill.

  2. Blaming others for trying to “sabotage” a radio show? I was objecting to the fact that she would have preferred her guests (imposed or not) to hide the fact that they are not lifestyle nudists. Dishonesty and “education” don’t mix. Your answer makes me think that things are worse than I expected.

    • The person who referred the guests was a former member who seems to have a vendetta. I’m not part of them, but after hearing the person I refer to talk at places… it’s not the ALCC but likely him. I’m disgusted by the comments I have heard from the person in question, shows that the ALCC maybe never should have asked him. They put faith in him, he didn’t like something because he couldn’t understand some things that are well kind of required by law, quit, then started badmouthing all over town.

      NO DISHONESTY. If any – on the person who the ALCC still kept a working relationship with (and who knows maybe still, which maybe should be ended if that person doesn’t grow up). The ALCC did not choose, they took on that persons word from what I understand (yes word gets around town, from both sides, and the provider is looking less and less reputable each time he opens his mouth).

      Gee, could YOU perhaps be that person? 😉 Makes me wonder!

    • oh, and she did NOT know they were NOT lifestyle til SHOWTIME.

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