Learn from others and save yourself from the mistakes they made!

BDSM for Beginners Workshop – July 3

We had a very diverse group of attendees for this workshop. Most actually knew the basics about BDSM but some did not know anything. It is truly inspiring to have so many new faces taking the decision to actually learn about BDSM BEFORE jumping into it or playing with others.

I’m feeling more confident about the direction people are beginning to take as beginners so I hope this spreads lol. In all of the BDSM for Beginners workshops I ask people to pass on the knowledge they learn in the class to others who are knew. To use the theory they have learned in practice to show others how they should behave.

Very few people are really taking the time to educate themselves so the people who attend have an advantage, more knowledge, and a new responsibility to share that with others!

Great questions folks and great answers!!!
– Contessa Alura

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