Paddling – Not your boat!

Paddling Workshop – July 12

Wow, what a turn-out! Seems more people are into this that it seems!!!

Even though I was the instructor I have to say I had a GREAT time. I really enjoyed this group of people, they were really easy going and fun and that’s not always the case. Sometimes I rely on my audience to guide me based on their responses or reactions to my questions. If I hear crickets, I get worried lol. None of that with this group.

Also, EVERYONE participated for the hands-on part. EVERYONE! That almost never happens because generally there aren’t partners and people are awkward with being that open with strangers. Imagine, PADDLING and everyone participated getting and giving. LOVED IT!

Just a small note, someone made a comment on my evaluation about something I said that hit a nerve as being an inappropriate us of language giving the kind of space we are at the ALCC… I just want to say to you, THANK YOU! You are totally right, no sooner had the word left my mouth then I realized what I had said lol. It does happen sometimes but I try to be VERY careful about those things so I wanted to say how much I appreciate that you pointed that out. You were RIGHT!

Thanks all for coming!

– Contessa Alura

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  1. You’re cheating with the picture – the implement on the top is a strap 😉

    No pictures of the paddles you actually used?

    Just teasing – sounds like it was a wonderful workshop – again!

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