We practice what we preach!

July 12

Peer Counciling

I’m finding it more and more important to take the time to meet with people who feel reservation about coming to the centre or chatting on the phone with those who made it to the building but ran away because the security guard was an unexpected scare.

I truly feel that the time I give for peer counciling not only makes a person feel more comfortable about the whole idea of the centre and encourages them to take the next step with confidence and support, but themselves as well. It also provides the ALCC with a positive reputation of caring about it’s members and doing the job we say we do rather than just advertising that we do.

Thanks to “Anonymous” for taking that huge step in contacting me and then sitting with me for coffee. I hope we meet again and I hope I brightened your day the way you did mine.

– Contessa Alura

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