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It was a dark and horny night…

Dark and Erotic Imaginings:
Well, if you wanted to know what a “Sleeve Job” is, then we learned all  about it during a reading from Robert Nye’s wonderful book: Merlin. I won’t spoil it for you however, it is a book I recommend.
We had fun hearing Clov’s own work: Slave Gold… Great writing! He has created an entire world through his writing.
Isis read from a book of poetry around an interesting concept…. poems which only use words containing one vowel (e.g. the first poem only has A as it’s only vowel for every word) Eunoia, writen by Christian Bok. She had an interesting observation on the poems, that it seems so constraining to have to write a poem with words having  the same vowel for each and every word. But I found the poems so expressive, expansive, free and imaginative.
It’s as if the constraint actually was liberating at the same time. I immediately thought of how bondage, or restraints… while seemingly
constraining, can actually be liberating to the spirit and immagination. It kind  of channels energy in a way.
But maybe BDSM is too much on my mind!
– petal

Wanted to learn about fetishes? Here it was!

Intro to Fetish:
Clov’s discussion on ‘fetish’ explored the meaning and current use of the word. What is the power of fetish? How and why can fetishes affect us? These are just a few of the questions which Clov explored through examples from history, sport, film, art, and sexy images!
– petal

So you wanted to learn about crossdressing?

Intro to Cross-dressing:
I want to thank the attendees to my first workshop on Cross-Dressing who were enthusiastic and curious on the subject. Cross-dressing in itself is a big topic, and a lifestyle which is close to my heart. After many years, I have finally come to accept that it is a part of me, and a great source of fun and discovery. I showed off some of my outfits too & appreciated the feedback.
– petal, Website