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Hot bondage on a hot day

Amateur Bondage Group, July 10, 2011

It was hot on Sunday, and thankfully there was air conditioning at the ALCC because there was some hot bondage being done! Yanno, for supposed “amateurs” the group did some pretty remarkable ties! If you have yet to attend one, I would definitely suggest attending one – you can help show others what you know and you can learn some pretty cool new stuff off of others too.  We even had a couple of new faces show!  Salutations to B and D!

And it seemed that the time flew by so quickly! I guess that what they do say about “time flying when having fun” is sooooo true!  “Still” had only completed two ties and the group was winding down… but *great* ties they were – as you can see!


– Vanessa Cummings (aka Vanessa Fetish)

ALCC Secretary