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Parade Then Bondage… Can It Get Better?

Rope gauntlet done at the amateur bondage group, silk rope

The turnout at the Amateur Bondage Group on Sunday, August 14th was pretty good, even though some of us had finished a pretty tiring couple of days with Pride! And after the Pride Parade those of us who were in it were prettttyyyy tired lol!  Heck I was still in my fetish gear 😛

It seems every month the group gets a new person popping in, which is great! That is what the group is there for! A place for those who are new or even just a tad rusty to hone up on their rope bondage skills by practicing on each other.  Thankfully J brought a whack of rope, as I didn’t have time to go home and grab mine!  He has a fabulous assortment of various types!

Even with a few of us a bit fatigued, there was quite a bit of practice going on, and I was impressed at how quickly those new caught on 🙂

So if you’ve never attended one, and are new or need some practice, come on by to the next one!  (I’ll try nudge Contessa to be there 😉 hehehe)


– Vanessa, Secretary

I Love a Parade!

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Yes, the ALCC was at the Pride Parade too!  On Sunday, August 13th, 2011 (or is it 3011 since that was the theme? hmmmm) we took part in the parade, marching proudly with the banner, between the CFI (Centre For Inquiry) and Monsieur Cuir.  We had quite a few join us in the parade, and we all did what we could to be festive, cheer on the crowd, and thank the crowd for coming.

It was a long parade route, starting at Guy and Rene Levesque and going all the way to Saguinet.  Not something you want to do in heels lol!  Or while wearing a full female mask with PVC outfit!  A couple of us learned a lesson or two from what we wore, but yanno… it was worth it!  Although the temperature was not as high as Saturday, we all drank a whack of water along the way.

The crowd was receptive, happy, cheering, and enjoying the parade.  Some of us were even asked to pose for photos either alone or with others!  A big thank you to the spectators again for showing up, showing support, and cheering on the parade!

“Jesus” even showed up! 😉  He marched with both us and the CFI, which made for some interesting photo ops!

After the parade, though, we simply had to find somewhere to sit, relax, and regain energy so a bunch of us from the ALCC and CFI stopped at the St Supplice for some water, beer, sangria and munchies!  The walk back to the car also turned a lot of heads too lol!

Thank you to all those who marched with the ALCC!!!!  You really made a difference and your support for both the ALCC and Pride is truly truly appreciated!

– Vanessa Cummings, Secretary

ALCC at Pride Community Day!

The ALCC was at Montreal Pride Community Day on Saturday, August 13, 2011 with a booth at the corner of Montcalm and Ste Catherine, providing information on the center and as well of course alternative lifestyles and marginalized identities.  Contessa Alura, Petal, Vanessa and Amelia volunteered to be the reps on site that day.

It was a beautiful hot and sunny day, perfect for the community day!  A little hot for perhaps Contessa Alura in her purple latex dress though! lol!  We all drank a good share of water needless to say!

Petal performed a rope harness on Vanessa (moi! 😛 )  and there was quite a bit of interest in the center, materials, and what we do.  I think we came close to running out of ALCC pamphlets!  Hope to see some that stopped by that day at the ALCC in the near future!


– Vanessa Cummings, Secretary