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What can be done with wax

What can be done with wax

This was another very interesting workshop.  Contessa Alura talked about the different type of candles.  What to use and what not to use.  Also how to prepare the play area and security items you should have when doing wax play.  She then started her demonstration on her lovely model.  After dripping some wax on him, she decided to blindfold him so Read the rest of this entry

A sexual orientation often forgotten!!!

Asexuality Workshop

Warren and Kyran provided us with an illuminating workshop on Asexuality. One way of defining  an asexual person is as: someone who does not experience directed sexual attraction. Just getting into that definition led to some very interesting conversation, questions and comments.  Asexuality is a sexual orientation, rather than a lifestyle in itself. But the issues surrounding it made Read the rest of this entry

Wierd, wonderful VACBED!

Wow, I really had no idea how crazy fun it would be to try this. Since I’m desperately clostrophobic, hate restriction, and well I’m a damn control freak, I really didn’t think I was going to try this let alone enjoy it. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in a ziplock bag? Of course NOT! But it’s super cool Read the rest of this entry

October Newsletter

Alternative Lifestyles On-Air – Oct 5

We co-host an alternative lifestyles radio show the first Wednesday of every month on the  Dr Laurie Betito Show “Passions” CJAD 800 AM. Tune-in!!! This month Contessa Alura will be discussing Asexuality with special guest Warren. Check out our media section to listen to past programs.

September Newsletter

Naked Yoga

Back by Popular DemandThis class is offered by Mudraforce especially for ALCC to include all genders and gender identities and all body types NAKED!  Starting this month it is offered every Saturday from 12-1:30pm. Please check our schedule for costs and details. Read the rest of this entry

Mmmmm… bondage!

Bondage 201 Sunday Sept 18, 2011

Lord Saxnot gave his Bondage 201 workshop on Sunday, which was really changed to a 101 because the people that showed Read the rest of this entry

Who’s that doll?

Dollification Workshop, Sunday Sept 18, 2011

The Dollification workshop was held on Sunday, with Vanessa giving the workshop. In it she talked about female masking, dollification, the dollification lifestyle, where to buy the masks, tips, and the multitude of reasons behind Read the rest of this entry

Learning some advanced flogging

Advanced Flogging, Sunday Sept 18, 2011

The advanced flogging workshop was held on Sunday, with Sir Master Marc instructing. He demonstrated various ways of using the floggers, and areas that some do forget about when flogging. He also taught how to properly Read the rest of this entry

D/s Relationships Workshop

D/s Relationships Workshop Sept 14, 2011

The D/s Relationships workshop was held this past Wednesday, given by Contessa Alura and like the group before it, VERY well attended! Despite another topic that can be a long one to cover, it was done remarkably for the Read the rest of this entry

More BDSM Beginnings

BDSM For Beginners, Sept 14, 2011

Contessa Alura gave her workshop for BDSM For Beginners, which was very well attended (we had to fetch extra seating Read the rest of this entry