Beginnings… everyone begins somewhere!

BDSM Play for Beginners

The BDSM Play for beginners workshop is probably the one with the most material to cover.  It deals with all aspects of BDSM play from finding people to play, negociating a scene, play safety with demos and a play scene scenario.  Contessa Alura also suggested play kits for both beginners and more advanced players.  These kits should be part of anyone looking for play.  Just a warning for future volunteers in this workshop,  bring some lipstick.  Why?  Well Contessa Alura likes to mark the the areas where the person shoulnd’t be hit .  She had to use a permanent marker on me…lol.  A very informative and detailed workshop.  All beginners and even more advanced players will find this workshop interesting.  Also this workshop was being filmed for a documentary that will be shown in France.

– Gilles

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