Who’s that doll?

Dollification Workshop, Sunday Sept 18, 2011

The Dollification workshop was held on Sunday, with Vanessa giving the workshop. In it she talked about female masking, dollification, the dollification lifestyle, where to buy the masks, tips, and the multitude of reasons behind dollification.  While this is a fairly new fetish/lifestyle, it is a growing one, and it is also a very interesting one.  Her masks were also demonstrated, and she also showed how just wearing the female mask can help bring you into “doll mode” much easier. Very interesting!

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  1. would love to know more please
    i’m in montreal

  2. If you check the schedule every month at http://thealcc.org the next workshop will be up when it is planned 🙂 Vanessa is the more knowledgeable of the team on dollification

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