A sexual orientation often forgotten!!!

Asexuality Workshop

Warren and Kyran provided us with an illuminating workshop on Asexuality. One way of defining  an asexual person is as: someone who does not experience directed sexual attraction. Just getting into that definition led to some very interesting conversation, questions and comments.  Asexuality is a sexual orientation, rather than a lifestyle in itself. But the issues surrounding it made the ALCC a perfect place for discussion.

We learned about the different kinds of asexuality… there is certainly a grey zone ( as in so many things! ). We also discovered two fictional characters who are put forward as Asexual poster children : Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes. Made sense to me.

And thanks to Kyran and Warren for giving us those cool asexuality pins!

AVEN (The Asexality Visibility and Education Network) http://www.asexuality.org, was offered as a great resource for information on the subjet.

– Petal

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  1. I’m glad that you liked it!

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