Monthly Archives: October 2011

Take Care of Yourself

The ALCC has members taking PSA (Peer Support and Advocacy) training at the 2110 Center for Gender Diversity, and one of the workshops was on Self Care in regards to peer support on October 6.

I found this workshop helpful, not just for peer support, but as well for pretty much most things in life.

Self care is essentially being Read the rest of this entry

Relationship Manifesting

Pierre Black presented an interesting workshop on relations manifesting. After asking what the people attending were into, he customised the workshop to answer their problems. We had some very diverse problems but he helped everyone.

Gender Can Be Diverse

Gender Diversity Group (Former Trans Unite Group) Sunday October 9, 2011

The ALCC’s Trans Unite Group has been renamed the Gender Diversity Group, to be more clear that it is and always open to all gender identity variations. As well, it has changed to a new location – the 2110 Center For Gender Diversity on Mackay. This location is a bit more accessible, and for those who may be put off by any security guards at the entrance, there are none. A huge thank you to the 2110 Center for allowing us to kindly use their space! Read the rest of this entry

November Newsletter

New Exhibitionists Group

This is a pilot project to determine the need or interest in such a group. This group is open to all people who identify as exhibitionists, nudists, or people curious to learn more about exhibitionism. CLOTHING IS OPTIONAL! Bring snacks if you have them. We ask that all attendees practice courteous and respectful behaviour at all times. 18 yrs and over Read the rest of this entry