Monthly Archives: September 2012

Tantra… Practical and for Everyday!

On Wednesday September 5, the ALCC was proud to have Gaia give a “Tantra Practical for Everyday Life” workshop.

It was a big success, with many attending and learning not only more about Tantra, but how to also apply it to everyday life. Tantra is not solely sexual, but can be used for many purposes in life, and I myself discovered that what I practice daily to manage pain is in fact tantra! It can be applied to soooo many things, not just sexual!

We look forward to the next time she is in Montreal, and gives a workshop with us! So much to learn!

– Vanessa

Vice President

ALCC at Montreal Fetish Weekend 2012!

At this years Montreal Fetish Weekend, the 2012 edition, the ALCC was VERY involved!

We held workshops from Friday to Sunday at the Hotel Gouveneurs on the fourth floor, ranging from “Erotic Drumming” to “Wax Play”. We had many various workshops! Not just presented by locals but those from outside Montreal as well.  The “Making and Reparation of Latex” was a huge hit as usual!

A huge thank you to all our volunteers who helped out not only with the workshops but with the table! We cannot do it without YOU – the members! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! You are all so great!

And a great big hug and thank you to Eric Paradis, for having us have such a big part in this years Fetish Weekend, and for his contributions and support of us as well! The ALCC loves you, Eric!


– Vanessa

Vice President

ALCC at Montreal Pride 2012

The ALCC was once again at Montreal Pride, taking part in both the community day and the parade!

On Saturday the 18th of August the Community Day was held, with the ALCC there and providing information not only on the ALCC itself but on the alternative lifestyles as well. It was a beautiful day, and many people stopped by.
Sunday was the Parade, and yes the ALCC marched! There were the “regulars” like Vanessa, Petal and Boy Terry, and first timers as well!  It was again a great day for it, and even though we were small compared to others in the parade, we did our best to make our presence known.