Hold Your Breath!

The ALCC had an Introduction to Breath Play workshop on January 27, given by Vanessa Cummings (aka Vanessa Fetish), board member.


She covered of course safety! Safety has to be the prime consideration! For instance, who could be at risk health wise when it comes to breath play, the need to know CPR and First Aid when doing this, and where not to put heavy pressure when performing strangulation play (the vagus nerve near the carotid artery, where too much can actually stop the heart).

Also covered were means of breath play, such as the aforementioned strangulation play, as well as gas masks, hand over mouth, cling wrap, and more. Always emphasizing with each the safety that is needed. Even the use of chemicals was touched upon, and how to do it safer and what not to use (such as chloroform, it’s variants, and similar anaesthetics, which can actually kill in non-medically trained hands or cause brain damage).

Overall, very well done! She obviously has a good grasp of the topic, and lots of knowledge!

– Anon

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